Madame May I: Yes, You May

Wow! That must be one serious list of names.

On July 5th, a US District Court Judge in Washington D.C. lifted the restraining order on the DC Madam’s list of phone records. Thereby, DC Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, is free to sell, distribute, publish or sell her phone records from her escort business in the nation’s capitol.

I never really understood how on Earth they were able to put any type of restraining order on the phone records. Afterall, she hasn’t been convicted of anything. But that’s the problem with our legal system, we say no one is guilty until proven so, but when one’s innocence is a detriment to our own beliefs and causes, we say to hell with justice.

Why would there ever be an order to stop someone from sharing their own private records when the person is not yet proven guilty. I understand the legality of the issue, where the sharing of said information could be a distraction to the case. But so what? Does public knowledge of the information effect the judicial process? Does it change the veracity of the documents and the facts? No. So to put a restraining order on Palfrey’s phone records is nothing but a biased attempt to save the ass of those prosecuting her.

Freezing one’s property or assets requires that their be some extraordinary circumstances, and those just aren’t evident in Palfrey’s case. The government actually raided her property and did not take the records, which leads me to believe that they were never that important… that is, not until some important people on that list made getting those records a matter of importance.

Is it wrong to scream conspiracy? Maybe, especially when there is very little proof of it. But what else am I supposed to think? There’s no reason to keep the D.C. Madame’s records secret, especially when everyone wants to see them. There’s no reason that a major broadcasting channel (ABC) chose not to broadcast the list (after attaining it) right before it was set to do so, in an act that would have made them millions of dollars.

I rarely believe in conspiracy theories. But damn! When a conspiracy theory comes a calling, you answer the phone like a Congressman waiting for a call from the D.C. Madame.

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