So What Exactly Did “Fifty” Mean By “Magic Stick”…?

Is there a drug that can make you rap or sing better? Probably not. Nevertheless, that has to be the first comical thought that comes to your mind when you hear that the Albany Times-Union leaked a report that found Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent, and Timbaland on a list of alleged customers involved in a steroid/human growth hormone ring.

Does the idea that 50 Cent takes steroids really bother anybody? One wouldn’t think so. Afterall, steroid use helped bring major league baseball into public favor by increasing the overall entertainment level of the game via an increased production of homeruns. The same effect could be attributed to 50 Cent if he indeed did use steroids. Obviously, steroids and H.G.H. did not help 50 Cent rap any better, but the benefit would seemingly be to increase his sex appeal, or larger than life iconic image. I can’t remember the last time I saw an album cover or video of 50 Cent’s that didn’t involve him taking off his shirt and flexing his muscles.

However, 50 Cent is not the first non-athlete entertainer to use steroids to gain some type of advantage in the entertainment industry. Oh, no! This goes back deep into the 20th century. Who knows where the current Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, would be right now had he not used steroids to amass that gigantic body that lead to a Mr. Universe crowning and a lifetime worth of fame. In addition, there are dozens of other actors who I could speculate on but wouldn’t dare publicly accuse (just think multi-sequel boxing movies and I guy named Rambo).

While we can understand while a hardcore rapper like 50 Cent, and others “Aftermath” rappers like Dr. Dre and Busta Rhymes might have a reason to use the juice (allegedly), but it’s harder to understand why Mary J. Blige’s name was found on this list of alleged steroid customers.

Steroids and H.G.H. do have the possibility of acting as an anti-aging agent, but the jury is out on whether or not they actually do slow the aging process. Even if Blige saw them acting in that matter, is the bad press she could get from using steroids worth a few years of delayed aging? Maybe it is in the world of a female entertainer, whose entire career could end the day some agent decides she has one too many bags under her eyes.

Nevertheless, steroids and H.G.H. are illegal, and if these entertainers obtained them through illegal methods, that’s even more trouble. But personally, as long as the kiddies aren’t inspired to use steroids, I’m okay with these ladies and gentlemen juicing up. Who knows, maybe one day they’ll concoct a designer steroid that helps enhance the performance of one’s vocals chords…?

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