Mailed Your Taxes Yesterday?….You Are a Drag on Society!

What’s wrong with people? I walked by the post office late yesterday afternoon and I see it full of people, with a line almost out the door. No I’m no dummy. I recognize that yesterday was April 15th, otherwise known as Dooms-Day—I mean tax Day. But come on! It’s freaking 2009. If you’re still mailing your taxes, nevermind doing them on paper, not only do you have a problem…you are the problem!

No, I’m not saying that anybody mailing their taxes is causing the Rain Forest to deplete—although, I guess there is an argument for that. But I’m not playing the “green card” today. Instead, I’m talking about the fact the so many people are so adverse to new technology and new ways of thinking, that this country has no choice but a future bound for a Romanesque type fall.

Before you start calling me Anti-American, let me remind you that it was the Ancient Roman society that would not alter its political, economical and imperialistic ways, ultimately resulting in the fall of one of the greatest empires of all time.

Conversely, this United States of America is considered one of the greatest empires of all time. But we too won’t give up some of our ways. Starting with the whole tax thing? Like what kind of cave dweller still goes to the post office on April 15th, to mail their taxes—or even worse—send off their extension papers? I mean, has anyone heard of TurboTax? And if you really want to pay more attention to your taxes than some “ordinary software” can provide, then you should probably have enough money to hire someone else to do them for you.

However, forgetting about how people do their taxes, if you’re crazy enough to do them on paper, why are you waiting until the last day? Did these people not get their W-2’s by February like every other person in America? Why are so many Americans waiting until the final day to do the one thing that the federal government ask them to do every year? It’s pure laziness and slothfulness! Get off your butts and do your damn taxes in a timely fashion. Don’t crowd up the post office and keep other people from doing what they need to do there.

But this kind of antiquated and slothful behavior is indicative of the very society we live in. America is no longer tops in education, because we invest our money by pumping our egos with warfare and the bailing out of Wall St. America is also one of the fattest countries in the world, because we’re too busy sitting on the couch watching the Biggest Loser, not realizing we’re breeding ourselves for cameo appearances on the show in the near future—myself included! America isn’t even the best auto-maker anymore. We invented the damn machine, but because of our lethargy and unwillingness to embrace new technology, we have fallen behind in an industry that we ourselves created. That would be like Bill Gates creating Word in 1981 and sticking with that version of the program for the rest of his career. It just wouldn’t work!

Of course, this shouldn’t be a surprise. We allowed Japan to surpass us in so many technological areas during the Cold War, because we were too preoccupied with Russia. I’m too young and too uneducated on the matter to say our preoccupation with Russia was unfounded, but the fact is that we did sacrifice innovation dollars for an arms race, and the extent to which we did deserves at least some debate.

This brings me back to taxes. Chances are, if you are reading my blog, on the internet and not printed out by your intern, then you probably did your taxes in a timely fashion and via e-file. It’s the people who refuse to turn to blogs, read their news online, get an iPod, file for direct deposit, open a Twitter or Facebook account, or embrace video chatting, that keep America struggling to get out of the very dark ages we once fought to leave behind.

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