Over the Weekend (OTW): Let is Snow!

My options for the weekend were numerous. I had the opportunity to go to the Knicks game on Friday night. I had a friend’s birthday celebration being celebrated downtown the same evening. On Saturday, I had been invited to a house party by a new acquaintance. And on Sunday, a bunch of friends were watching football all day at one of my favorite spots, 1849.

So which of these events did I take part in and which was I unable to grace with my presence?

Why don’t you ask Mother Nature that question?

On Friday, I had too many things to get done, so making a 7:30 tip-off time for the Knicks was out of the question. Plus, I’m not too keen on supporting losing teams, even if I get the tickets for free—it’s a principal thing.

So I spent the majority of Friday getting myself ready for all of the other many, and some unnamed, events I had on the agenda. This included getting a workout in, buying some groceries, going to the bank and getting a haircut. Once again, I’ll get more into my debacle of finding a barber for myself in this city at another time, but needless to say, by the end of my haircut, I was none too pleased that I had to see people later on that evening.

So after getting some work in and watching the tail-end of the Knicks game on television, I showed up for a friend’s birthday dinner and party about 2 hours late. To be fair, for some odd reason I thought the dinner wasn’t until 10pm, when in fact it was scheduled for 8. Clearly, I need that corrective-eye surgery as soon as possible. The dinner was being held at Azuki Sushi, one of my favorite places to eat, where sushi isn’t just fish, “it’s an experience.” But because of my late arrival, the very food that I had been anticipating all day long wasn’t available to me. People were just about ready to go when I got there, and I had no intentions of holding anyone up, so we left and went to a bar, where peopled laughed and drank the night away.

The place we were at (to be named at a later date) was okay. Not necessarily my scene, but we came with so many people that it really didn’t matter. I wasn’t the most acquainted person among the people there, and a lot of people dipped out early, so I followed their lead, and grabbed some of the best burgers in the world from Blue 9 on Third Avenue before getting home at about 2am.

When I got to the front of my building, stunningly and not so stunningly, my key wasn’t working. This is a problem that had occurred earlier in the day, my super knew about it, it worked later on that day, and thus I assumed it was fixed. But here I was, at 2am in the morning, in the frigid cold, and my key wasn’t working. I wasn’t going to ring anybody’s buzzer, because quite frankly, I don’t know my neighbors nearly well enough (if at all in some cases) to wake anyone up at that time of my night. And of course, my super wasn’t answering his phone. I walked over to some slabs of concrete and some grass that passes for a park in Harlem, and ate my burgers, and when I finished I tried my key again. This time it worked, and I finally got to sleep.

Saturday morning, I had plenty to do. As I mentioned, I had been invited to a house party, and so that was pretty much what I had intended on being my nightcap. But forecasts predicting snowfall in amounts not seen in New York in years were all over the place, so it was hard to plan my day around that event and the many errands I had to run, while snow was sure to interrupt me in some form or fashion.

Well, snow killed my Saturday. I wanted to go to the gym, but it closes early, and because I didn’t want to come out of the gym and open the door to a reality of a snow-trenched, and un-shoveled 125th Street, I passed. I wanted to go to Queens for the house-party, buy trekking my way all the way over there on a Subway system known to be slowed down by freaking leaves, had me questioning such an exodus. And any plans I had of actually going to a bar to watch the Dallas-Saints game were virtually nixed. After all, leaving the house to watch a football game, in weather that actually caused deaths over the weekend, didn’t seem like the smartest thing in the world to do. So ultimately, I spent Saturday night at the crib!

As for Sunday—well, with 1-foot of snow on the ground, and without any little kids of my own with which to go sledding in Central park with, I opted for a quick stint at the gym and took advantage of the last day to exercise my right to a $5.99 large pizza from Dominos.

That was my weekend in a nutshell. Sorry, I have no preposterous incidents or new reviews to bestow upon you, but the snow derailed my weekend like leaves on an MTA track. And so we’ll get it another go this weekend, as I spend Christmas in the City!

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