Around the Blogosphere (AtB): January 15, 2010

I usually save “Around the Blogosphere” for early in the week, but I thought I would give it a shot now and share with you what people are talking about before the start of a 3-day weekend. Everyone knows that everybody gets a little crazy before a 3-day weekend. You generally fall into one of two occasions on a Friday like this. Either you have so much planned for the weekend that you just can’t wait to get started, or you have no plans but are desperately hoping to find some entertaining way to spend your time over the next 3 days.

Anyway, here’s what some of my favorite bloggers have been talking about this week:
Well, in case you’ve been living a hole somewhere, you probably have heard about the little tiff going on at NBC. has been great all week in posting all of the pot-shots that the latenight host have taken at NBC’s expense. I’ve been particularly impressed by what Craig Ferguson has said all week, but to his credit, he decided to go a different route last night. However, the others were still at it, especially Conan O’Brien, who’s really starting to come across as quite angry about the whole situation.
Blogger Panama Jackson went through a list of his most tightly-held confessions. Personally, I think he’s safe it that’s as bad as it gets for him. While I apparently have done a lot worse, I’m not sure I’m confessing to too much at this point and time. However, I will openly admit to something he did: I watch way too many shows intended for majority-female audience. Granted, most of the female shows I’ve watched, I haven’t watched them on a regular basis. Every now and then I’ve checked out America’s Next Top Model for some new talent, or I had to take a sneak peak at Buppies on Sadly though, I am a regular fan of Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Please don’t take my man-card.
First of all, for those of you who don’t follow Lifehacker, get on it. To my point though, I came across something there that once again symbolized my luck. They posted an entry unveiling the fact that McDonald’s is now allowing Wi-fi use in 11,500 of its 14,000 U.S. stores for free. That would have come in real handy when I was working at ESPN and Bristol, and spent hours upon hours killing time in the all-night McDonalds in Southington, CT. I was putting down $10-$15 a night on that mess, when it could have been free. Sorry to bore you with this detail, but this really hit me.
My New Yorkers, or more specifically, my Brooklynites, somebody try this and get back to me. This site claims to deliver pancakes to your door, which seems like the ultimate gig for monetary successes. Just think about it. If you live in New York, don’t keep food in your fridge, and wake up on the weekends recovering from a night of drinking in search of fried carbs douced in sugar syrup, what better invention than pancakes to your door. I’m sure there are a number of places that do this, but they aren’t advertising it. This service may be a little sketchy, because it apparently has no shop, no address and no history, but that’s all semantics, right? So check this place out for me, and if you’re still alive 7 days later, holla at me, Brooklyn!
Rush Limbaugh is using Haiti as a means to spew his political agenda. He’s quite stupid—enough said:

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