Left Leaning Lemurs, It’s Time to Move On

God bless the Democratic Party’s heart. They mean well.

Unfortunately, try as they might, they just aren’t good enough. That doesn’t mean that their ideas are unfounded, their morals are uncouth, or that their view of the world is tainted. It just means that when it comes to achieving their dreams—well, it’s not going to happen.

Moving on is something we all learn as little children, or at least I thought that was the case. For some reason, democrats don’t seem to understand the idea of moving on. I’m not talking about giving up; giving up is for losers. But sometimes you do have to recognize the situation that you are in and hope to satisfy your urges in another fashion.

Take marriage for example. While no one wants to get divorced, sometimes “moving on” is the best move for both parties involved.

No one would tell anyone to keep gambling away their tuition money until they finally got “good” at poker.

Better yet, would you advise a boxer getting the snot kicked out of him to keep going back into the middle of the ring to get the remaining snot knocked out of him?

Well, that’s what the democrats are doing right now.

They keep taking on the Republicans, and every time we think they’ve made some headway, they get the snot knocked out of them. And that’s what happened when they lost their 60th seat in the Senate to the Republicans in Massachusetts’ special Senatorial election 2 days ago.

I’m sure you didn’t miss it, but in case you did, the Democrats lost the special election for Ted Kennedy’s seat to the Republican Party by a decisive margin. I could mention the two parties involved in the race, but realistically, neither of them is worth mentioning. While this newly elected Republican Senator is sure to kill health care reform, he has no real political capital of any kind. As for the losing Democrat, her campaign was so bad I’d raise her poll numbers 2-points just by mentioning her name on my little blog.

With the Republicans now claiming 41 seats in the Senate, they can filibuster healthcare reform to its death with very little ease. And for all of you, who think that the Democrats will just have to pass a less “liberal” bill, think again. The Republicans aren’t letting this thing pass anytime soon, and certainly not before they try to retake the Congressional body in November’s 2010 election season. Oh, I can already see the theme of October now: “Democrats can’t even pass healthcare with a filibuster proof Senate!”

And they would be right. The Democrats can’t even pass a bill with one of the most dominant positions in congress since early last century. President George W. Bush was passing bills left and right without nearly the majority that the Democrats have now, and yet the Democrats can’t even pass legitimate financial reform with the entire union on their side.

If you’re a Democrat, you really have to be ashamed of the people running your party. They can’t get a public option when both the party and the majority of America wants (or at least wanted) that option. The Democrats actually had to argue amongst themselves just to get healthcare reform into reconciliation.

You don’t ever see the Republicans defeating their own bills! Call it stupid, partisan, nation-killing, blind ignorance if you want to, but the Republicans vote for their own stuff and that’s good politics. When the Republicans want something passed and they have the numbers to do it, they get it done. Hell, often times they get it done even when they don’t have the numbers. God bless their souls, but they sure do know how to march lock and step and govern the way they want to when they’re in power.

But not the Democrats. They argue, fuss and fight and damage their own agenda, demonstrating little more than a lemur’s ability to govern.

And now with 59 seats in the Senate, the Democrats are going to swear to us that the fight for health care is still profound, robust and as strong as it ever was. But behind closed doors, they know the truth. They know that unless they concede their very souls to the Republicans, healthcare is as stagnant today as it was in 1978.

So it’s time for the Democrats to move on, and I don’t mean that just in terms of the healthcare fight, but in terms of their party as a whole. Don’t worry about healthcare. Healthcare will be addressed next year. The Republicans aren’t stupid enough to let it die. It’s too good of a political move for them to be the one’s that “fix” American’s healthcare system.

However, the Democrats need not fight that battle this year. They need to move on to the economy, which is sure to kill their campaigns later this year. But let’s be honest, they won’t get that fixed either.

Like I said, I learned how to “move on” when I was very little. I learned it from one of the all-time great movies, “Rudy.” Rudy was a great guy. He had heart, soul, smarts, fight and passion. He was a heck of a football player in high school, and he was even good enough to be on the same field as the players at Notre Dame. But at the end of the day, he couldn’t play with those guys when the lights were on, the clock was ticking, and the bodies were flying. Rudy was just a little too slow, a little too short, and a little too weak. Yeah, they gave Rudy his one shining moment at the end of the movie, but it was little more than a token accomplishment, because at the end of the day, all of those players on Notre Dame’s varsity team were better than him.

I guess we can look back at 2008 as a “Rudy” moment as well. It was nice that the Democrats won back the Presidency, took a dominant position in Congress, and even got a black man in the Oval office. But at the end of the day, that was just one moment for the Democrats. Their liberal agenda has not been achieved, executed or even looked at it. Wall Street is back to the status quo. Race is at the status quo. Healthcare is at the status quo. And the War on Terror in the Middle East is going stronger than ever.

Democrats can be defiant if they want to and continue to the stay the course, and Lord knows many of them will. But the proof is in the pudding, and try as they might, Democrats just can’t play with the big boys.

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