Five New York City Blogs Worth Knowing

For some, blogging is just another new fad that isn’t worth their time of day. But for others, blogs are a critical part of daily life, especially in a major metropolis such as New York City, where it’s easy to get lost in the daily grind and not recognize what’s going on right in front of your nose.

Thus, there are plenty of blogs for New Yorkers to follow on the daily, hourly, and minute by minute basis. Sure, everyone knows about Gawker’s suite of blogs, of which much of it is focused on New York news. However, there are other lesser-known blogs with a pure New York focus and a niche New York audience that deserve their time in the spotlight.

Here are five blogs that neither I nor a plethora of New Yorkers can bear to live without for a long period of time.
FREEwilliamsburg provides eccentric, eclectic content for the burgeoning area of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. With restaurant, bar and music guides, not only let’s its readers know where to go, but it tells them when to be there.

You can also catch the occasional profile of individuals at the site, such as with this excerpt below:

Meet Megan Paska and Katrina Mauro both Mother Hens to four curious egg-laying chickens in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. They decided to raise chickens for the first time in their tiny urban backyard as a way to live more sustainably. What they discovered is that raising chickens is easier than raising a dog…and just as rewarding. –

SeriousEats: New York
While SeriousEats: NY is the offshoot of the SeriousEats series of blogs, it’s clear that their New York channel is their best channel. With frequent profiles of smaller, lesser-known establishments, SeriousEats has established itself as one of the area-leaders in terms of searching for New York culinary talent. From covering “Meatball Slapdowns,” to covering one of the oldest pizza joints in town, SeriousEats leaves no stone uncovered when it comes to reporting on New York’s best eateries.

Even though the majority of my time and energy is spent seeking out obscure dumpling stalls, taquerias, and pupuserias in obscure corners of our fair city, every now and then I feel the need to reconnect with the red sauce Italian food of my youth. Friday night’s Meatball Slapdown at The Meat Hook provided such an opportunity to do so while watching five of Brooklyn’s top restaurants compete all to raise money for a good cause, Brooklyn Grange, a rooftop farm from the fine folks at Roberta’s in Bushwick. – SeriousEats: New York

The Local
Not all blogs have to be organically created, which is why the’s “The Local” blog is one of the best in the business. It started off primarily as an outlet for The Times local reporters, but since its inception last year, it has actually become more of an outlet for the local residents. The Local covers different parts of Brooklyn, posting articles from residents around the area. From local artists to political races, The Local is on top of all things Forte Greene, Clinton Hill and beyond, and with its new leadership from j-school students of CUNY; it could become an even bigger part of the community.

Here’s a sample post:

In response to yesterday’s post about Yvrose Pierre, the principal of the Brooklyn School for Career Development who still hasn’t been able to reach her family in Haiti, several commenters mentioned local and national relief efforts for earthquake victims. The Team Tish blog has a list of ways to help the Haitian community and lots of local efforts are already underway, including Brooklyn Tech’s donation drive. – The Local

Overheard in New York
It doesn’t get too deep at Overheard in New York but that doesn’t take away from its entertainment value. The site actually is a collection of user-generated posts detailing the sounds and quotes of the randomness that is New York. So you get a ton of posts covering sex, lies and politics, and all of it is unfiltered. Obviously, you can’t prove the authenticity of any of it, but it’s all so off the wall that is hard to deny its factuality.

Here’s a sample post:

Office chick #1: So you liked the movie Waiting, right?
Office chick #2: Yep.
Office chick #1: Remember “the goat”?
Office chick #2: Yeah, junk stuffed between his legs and displayed from behind!
Office chick #1: Yeah, my husband just came up with a new one called “the heart”!
Office chick #2: What’s that?
Office chick #1: He grabs his sack, pulls it up over his dick, and spreads the skin out at the top, so it kinda looks like a heart.
Office chick #2: Yeah?
Office chick #1: Then he tenses up his dick a few times so that it looks like the heart is beating.
Office chick #2: Cool.
Overheard in New York

Mona’s Apple
This young lady’s blog may not be on the map for many, but it is one of my favorites. Being the food lover that I am, I really wanted to get a local, personal source for restaurant and food options. To my delight, I came across Mona’s Apple, which is self described as “A hungry girl’s slice of life and food in New York City.” Mona does a great job of taking pictures, giving details of the restaurant’s décor and describing her reaction to all of the great food she samples on the behalf of her devoted readers. If you ever come to New York, don’t use Zagat or the New York Times for restaurant suggestions, just check out Mona’s Apple for all of your food-loving needs.

Here’s a sample post:

I get so many requests from friends, friends of friends and the occasional stranger on where to eat, party, brunch, etc. that I’ve decided to start documenting them here. The new column will be called, you guessed it, “Dear Mona.” If you have a question on where to take your vegetarian boyfriend (not sure how you can date a vegetarian, but hey, to each his/her own) or your beef-eating mom, or where to throw down for a bachelorette weekend or a post-pink slip party, e-mail me: monasapple-at-gmail-dot-com. I will try and come up with something for everyone. – Mona’s Apple

And of course, I can’t forget my very own blog, UzoNYC, which profiles me, the city and all things New York for an ever-growing following. Being a black in New York City isn’t necessarily the struggle it was even 2 decades ago, but it certainly provides a different prospective from the blogs I just mentioned and the majority of blogs in New York City. So in giving my thoughts on local politics, food critiques, and neighborhood parties, UzoNYC is still mindful of dilemmas, issues and unique advantages of being black in New York City.

Here’s a sample post:

An article in the New York Times (which you can tell is about the only newspaper I read) caught my eye today. The article detailed the shifting population in Harlem, where blacks are making up a smaller percentage of the population, while whites and other races begin to move into Upper Manhattan’s most historic enclave. –

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