State of the Union: 3 Things Obama Should Say, but Won’t

I don’t mean to sound anti-Obama, because I’m not (at least I don’t think I am), however, this idea that the State of the Union means anything in this day and age is fraudulent beyond belief.

Barack Obama is not going to say anything new tonight. He is not going to light a fire under anybody’s butt, enact any great piece of legislation or introduce us to some piece of news or insight that anybody who follows politics hasn’t heard before. Maybe for a few casual followers of politics, Obama will say something interesting, new and original, and yes, some people will have unfathomable overreactions to the words that come out of his mouth.

For me, and hopefully for you, we know that the State of the Union is nothing more than a speech, and it usually isn’t a very good one. Anyone trying to tune into his speech tonight in order to hear the same type of rhetoric they heard during the campaign trail will be astonishingly disappointed. Obama’s voice will not be soaring tonight, this just isn’t the setting for it. And even if it were, Obama’s temperament has been cooled off so much since November 2008 that I just don’t think he has it in him at this point and time.

I wish Obama was going to say something of note tonight, and he has every opportunity to do so. However, being the lemur of a Democrat that he is, he won’t say what needs to be said and he surely won’t back it up if he says it.

But I can dream, can’t I?

Here are 3 things Obama should say, but won’t:

1. Kill the Filibuster! – The biggest problem in Congress right now is that nothing is moving. Despite the Democrats having a 59-person majority, they can’t pass crap. They should be able to, but they aren’t that powerful of a political party, so they need to change the rules. Quite frankly, the rules needed to be changed a long time ago. The idea that when the country votes in a 60-person Democratic majority to the Senate and Senates still can’t get it done defies the very reasoning behind the founding of this country. A majority is supposed to win out. The idea that 60 people of out 100 are needed to pass legislation is foolish. Obama needs to make a declaration to end filibusters and make it so that laws get passed when there is a simple majority, not this convoluted super majority that is holding back this entire nation.

2. Give Individuals Money to Create Jobs! – Call me crazy, but I really think this is the best way to create jobs. Instead of giving this huge companies and banks money, why not give the money to enterprising individuals? I’m not talking about giving it to “Joe” off the street, but why not go steal a financial executive, or real estate executive, or a manufacturing executive, and have them churn out business plans for businesses that can thrive in this new economy? Do you know that $2 billion is enough to run a company of 10,000 people for 2 years? That means a meager $200 billion (meager in comparison to the TARP money that was giving to banks) could produce 1,000,000 jobs sustainable for at least two years? Why not take this approach? If Obama called for a program that really “created” jobs instead of just giving big companies bailout money, I really think we could redirect the American economy and recover at the same time.

3. Capture Osama Bin Laden! – This really isn’t all that imperative at this moment, but I think it’s worthy of mentioning: Is Bin Laden still alive? Why? I don’t pay too much attention to all of those CSI shows, but it seems to me that they solve every case thrown at them. Maybe we need the writers of those shows on the Osama Bin Laden beat? Where is he that an entire national defense can’t find him? It’s actually quite embarrassing if you ask me. We can find Ray Carruth in a truck, and we found Private Ryan, but getting Osama Bin Laden is so hard? I just can’t believe it. There is way too much technology out there for us to still be looking for Bin Laden. Maybe Steve Jobs can make a “Where’s Bin Laden” app for the iPhone and help the military out.

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