Killing Consumerism: The iPad Just Isn’t Useful

I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one that feels this way. But before I even saw Apple’s new invention, the iPad, the first thought that came to my mind was, “This isn’t going to be any different from an iPod Touch or iPhone.”

Not only do I appear to be right, and the authorities agree with me, but I may have given the iPad and its creators a little too much credit. While the iPad’s functionality and usefulness seems to parallel that of the iPhone, it does, however, lack a camera, phone capabilities and isn’t nearly as portable. So in my estimation, why on God’s green earth would anybody want this contraption?

Don’t get me wrong, if you have the money, and spending $499 or $829 on this device is nothing but a drop in the bucket for you, and then by all means, have it your way. But for anybody who has to consider their monetary needs when contemplating the purchase of the iPad, I suggest you take a very hard look at what you’re getting yourself into.

Listen, I don’t claim to be a “gadget” expert. I love gadgets and all, and I will buy anything that is of use to me. However, I am not an early adopter of electronics, as I like to see how functional and useful many of the new products are that come into the market. And when it comes to the iPad, it appears to be low on my chart of functionality.

First of all, why wouldn’t I just buy a new laptop instead of this thing? For $829, I can get a very nice, customizable, laptop, and I can have the ability of everything the iPad can do, in addition to a keyboard that I can actually type with. Not to mention, I won’t have to pay an additional $30 per month for wireless service that I already have on my iPhone, or have free access to in most places I want to use my laptop. Also, given that the iPad is 9 inches wide, it’s not as if this is something you use in any old situation. You can’t be in a meeting and pull out your iPad, and you surely can’t make frequent use of in your cubicle, at a restaurant or while waiting in line. In fact, you’re probably not going to use it in any situation where you don’t want to carry something, making it far less portable than an iPhone, with a usability frequency far similar to, if not the same as, a laptop.

Seeing as how the iPad is bigger than the iPhone or the iPod, then the old adage of “bigger is better” should come into play here. But does it? Other than viewing videos and web pages in larger sizes, the iPad does not offer much more. The applications won’t be that different. Your email won’t be any more functional. And yet the monthly service fee, will be the same Not to mention, Apple is marketing this device to media outlets as a way to charge for content, so early buyers better be aware of the fact that accessing content might cost you a pretty penny on the iPad.

So with little more portability than a more functional laptop, and with the same functionality as a more portable iPod, the iPad comes across as a redundant, elaborative scheme to make money on a tweener object that Apple is selling as the next wave of the future. Don’t be fooled people. Please don’t be fooled. I know hardcore Apple lovers are going to buy this thing without hesitation, but in order for this come a success, the populace as a whole has to accept it. And if we as a people do that, we have officially become drones of Apple, willing and wanting to buy anything they throw at us, no matter how unnecessary it is. We already have this problem with politicians; please don’t let Steve Jobs sell the dream to you as well.

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