OTW: “The Gym”


February is finally here!

For many of you, the only thing the start of February means is that you have 2 weeks to plan something for Valentine’s Day or you’re about to begin celebrating Black History Month.

But I’m not excited about either of those things! Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Black History Month, but I’m 25 now, and I don’t get excited for Christmas anymore either. Call me cynical, but it is what it is.

That being said, I’m extremely excited about the prospects of the gym. The end of January means that all of the “new members” that joined gyms in January as a part of the their New Year’s Resolutions have been “at it” for 30 days, and are now resigned to resuming their 11-month hiatus from any remote form of strenuous and/or mild exercise.

Any regular gym-goer knows what I’m talking about. At the beginning of the year, everybody is promising themselves and others that they are going to lose weight “this year,” and they crowd the Gyms at the out start of January, leaving you waiting for treadmills and bench presses far longer than you ever did not so long ago in December. Not to mention, 99% of these people don’t workout on the regular, so they don’t follow simple protocols like wiping down the machine, using the treadmill for 30 minutes or less, or only doing one-set of exercises on the machines specifically used for circuit training.

Of course, it’s not just the fault of those infrequent gym-goers. These gym companies, especially in New York City, are to blame, as well. They complicity register more people than the gym can handle, knowing that January will be entirely overcrowded, and that the majority of the other 11 months will have sustainable attendance, leaving the complaints from their regulars at a minimum. That leaves gyms with a whole lot of extra monthly payments, but it leaves us regular gym-goers rationalizing skipping the gym because I know I’m going to have to wait 45 minutes for a bench press if I try to work out anytime after 4 o’clock—for the entire month of February!

Oh, well. It’s all good. February is here, which means I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I’ve already seen the decline in regular gym-goers this past week, including yesterday, when there were significantly less people at my gym than there was the Sunday before.

While I’m happy to have my gym back, I still can’t help but wonder why so many New Yorkers pay these exorbitant monthly gym prices, and don’t go to the gym but for that 1 month out of the year in January. Seems like a huge waste of money to satisfy a meaningless New Year’s Resolution. I wish people would get smarter with their money. And if for nothing else, ladies, if you’re only going to work out 1 month a year, pick June so that your primary weight loss coincides with bikini season!

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