Snow Day: Go to Work as Usual

One of the best things about New York City is its snow. Not because it’s fun to go out in Central Park and go sledding (although, that’s not a knock against it either), but because most New Yorkers probably don’t have time to do that.

It’s amazing how this city refuses to shut down because of some trivial weather. I find it remarkable that the workman’s ethic of this city is so strong that the idea of shutting it down because of a mere foot to foot-and-a-half of snow is borderline ridiculous.

But why is that? Why is it that in a city where most people work so hard, for so very little, that the idea of shutting down the city and giving worker’s a paid vacation day is out of the question?

Why else?


We can celebrate that New Yorker work ethic all we want to, but don’t tell me that a security guard at any one of the federal offices downtown doesn’t want a paid day off of work. Why wouldn’t he?

I understand that there are services in this city that must go on, such as television stations, restaurants and strip clubs, but that doesn’t mean that everyone should be expected to show up for work just because some people HAVE to.

But let’s be real. The reason there will never be a formal announcement of a city-wide, government shutdown is because of the stock market. If the government shuts down, essentially the stock market would be paralyzed by a slew of people not coming to work; thereby, prohibiting Wall Street mainstays from making their daily dimes on the backs of those working for fractions of a penny.

It is completely unconscionable that we allow this to happen, and is further proof that the banking system in this country controls our lives. Don’t get me wrong, I’m completely aware of the severity of shutting down the market because of a snow blizzard, but that only reveals just how crazy it is that the citizens of New York City and the United States rely on this contrived money-driven entity to the detriment of their own peril. Forget about recessionary economics, what about emotional instability? This idea that some guy making eight dollars an hour has to travel from East New York to Wall Street, through 18 inches of snow, just to clean up after traders at the NYSE because the market must stay open is fanatical.

Damn the stock market, and the white horse it rode in on!

I know I seem crazy and idiotic for taking a stance against this, especially when I’m touting something that could very well bring this country’s economic system to a temporary halt. However, there’s a reason why Americans work harder than other nations, work longer than other nations, and die sooner than the citizens of other nations. It’s because we work when everybody else is enjoying the fruits of their labor. Sure, we may be a rich nation, but just like an aging senior citizen, there comes a point and time when enjoying life outweighs being productive. And if today’s snowfall is any example, a foot of snow just doesn’t appear to be that point and time.

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