Summer is Here!

new york city summerSay what you will about New York City weather, when summer is here, there are few places I’d rather be. Of my favorite cities, New York City trumps them all during the summer time.

Miami I love, but in the summer, it’s entirely too hot. Los Angeles is actually pretty nice in the summer too, but the city as a whole doesn’t get ramped up for the summer season because it’s warm just about all of the time. My hometown, Austin, is awesome, but that’s another city that gets really hot this time of year. And Chicago is another great summer city, but it’s just a scaled down version of New York without the escape to the many nearby summer locales.

In New York City, summer is like no other season here. Gone are the weather excuses, the busy work schedules, the sporting events and the entertainment hot season. They say New York City never sleeps, but when summer rolls around, in comparison to other New York City seasons, we’re about as dormant as can be.

There are Summer Fridays for most offices. Those that don’t have them have tons of vacation time in the summer. So much of our entertainment industry shuts down for the summer, sending regulars and freelancers on wanted/unwanted hiatuses for 2 and 3 months at a time. Wall Street slows down as everyone sells their stock on Friday afternoons and takes off to the Hamptons for the weekend. And of course there is the fact that the city pushes out street fairs, park events, beer gardens and even opens a damn island just for this time of year.

So as we sit here on the first weekend of the summer season, throw that drink back and think of what’s to come. Whether you’re lucky enough to grace the Hamptons, or social enough to have an after work event 4 our 5 nights of the week, summer in New York City has something for everyone, so make sure you get yours.

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