Uzo’s Personal Summer To-Do List

The official start to my New York City rampage is here. As you all know, I will attempt to have one of the best summers of my adulthood this year, and all of it will be documented in my “100 Days, 100 Things, 100 Posts” series I’m doing here on my blog.

However, I think I need to do more than just have a summer predicated around doing things in New York; I also need to have a summer predicated around doing things for me!

Not to be narcissistic, but who should I rather throw myself at; this merciless city or myself? I think the answer is clear.

Thus, I have come up with several non-summer/non-New York things to do by Labor Day that you won’t find on my list of summer things to do, which I will unleash later on today.

Anyway, here is my personal summer achievement list:

Save Money…$1,000 to be Exact
One of the things I want to get better at, and one of the things this nation has to get better at, is saving money. I’m not talking about making more money, because that’s something Americans know how to “pursue” very well. I’m talking about legitimately saving money.

I was reading a blog post about saving money on, where it was suggesting that its readers become $1,000 richer by the unofficial end to summer, Labor Day. That’s all fine and dandy, but that’s not difficult enough for most people who make above a certain level of income. The real challenge is simply spending less. So instead of going about the Mint challenge by seeing if my net worth is $1,000 higher than it is today, I’m going to see if I can essentially save $10 a day during my 100-day summer. This will be hard, especially since it looks like I’ll be piling up the extra charges in an attempt to accomplish 100 things this summer. In case you’re wondering, my 100 activities do trump this particular goal, but I will do my best to achieve them both.

Read Two Fiction Novels
I am not a big reader of novels anymore. During my younger years, I certainly was, and I ready many a book that didn’t have much to do about anything in real life. But since being jaded by the capitalistic society we now live in, I have turned to news and “how to” books as my primary sources of active reading. So while I read a lot of news and stay alert on the latest in technology, media and how to win friends and influence idiots, I can’t partake in a conversation about the latest New York Times best selling fiction novel. So I will indeed try to get some fictional reading in this summer—hopefully, some travel time will allow me to do so.

Finish Two Scripts
I have been working on two projects for way too long. One is my independent movie, which I plan to have financed by the end of this summer. The other is my television show, which I want to pitch this fall. Obviously, if I want to achieve those two milestones, I have to have a damn script. So it was written, so it shall be done…by Labor Day!

Get to 230 Pounds
To be honest with you, I don’t even know what I weight right now, but I know two things. One, whatever I weigh, it’s not healthy. And two, I certainly don’t compare well to the Old Spice deodorant guy. So, I’m making it my mission to get down to 230 pounds! I always felt good around that 220 to 225 mark. I don’t know what the hell I weigh right now (my guess is 250), so I don’t want to make the goal too unreachable by going with anything more than 20 pounds away.

Get My Jump Shot Right
Last but not least, I have to feel athletic again. Since college, I definitely have that post-athlete-traumatic-disorder syndrome. When you’re playing meaning sports for the majority of your life, you don’t get as hyped up about playing pick-up games are balling at the Y. There’s a certain rush to playing with teammates, referees, coaches and people’s whose heads you just want to rip off. Unfortunately, I will probably never be in that position again-but dammed if I don’t give it some sort of try. I’m sure I’ll never be noticed by an NBA scout, but if I can just get my jumper back this summer, I should be able to feel like an athlete again, instead of the aging veteran I feel like now as I trot up and down the basketball court during New York Urban League games.

Bonus: I’m thinking about training for a triathlon. Not an iron man or anything, but either the “sprint” or “Olympic” triathlon races. I’ll keep you updated, New York City!

Bonus #2: I thought of another thing to accomplish this summer after publishing this post. I have to be more friendly. I’m a bit of a loner and I am not always the most inviting person in the room. I need to work on that, so as a part of my 100 things to do this summer, I am trying to do them all with a group of people. So I am including a column in my summer activities spreadsheet that tracks whether I did the activity alone or not. Partaking in an activity with my girlfriend, obviously, won’t count as doing so with a group, but I will track that accordingly. My goal is do at least 50 of these activities in groups, so we’ll see how that goes!

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