100 Things, 100 Days, 100 Posts: The List!

Sheeps Meadow BayFinally! My list of summer activities is complete! For those of you that don’t already know, I’m on a quest to accomplish a myriad of different things in New York City, and in my haste, I am going to accomplish 100 of them this summer!

From Memorial Day Sunday to Labor Day Monday constitutes the New York City summer, and in those 100 days (exactly) I will accomplish 100 Things. I’m already behind the pace, because on Sunday, I went to a barbeque, which wasn’t on my list, instead of hosting a barbeque, which was on my list.

That being said, I don’t know how wonderful my list actually is. I don’t have a ton of awesome cultural experiences, or those things that only New Yorkers know about. In my defense, I have lived in New York City for 9 years, and I have done a lot of those things, and I wanted this list to be about trying new things. So, my list includes hitting up a lot of restaurants and bars I have yet to frequent, along with trying out a lot of silly things I have always wanted to do but never gave the time of day.

Anyway, I will stop rambling. You can find my list of Summer Activities at the preceding hyperlink. I don’t plan on making any “real” changes to the list, but I might change a venue or two based on further reviews, information or costs.

You can also check out my blog posts about the personal growth I hope to achieve this summer. While the activities will give me a lot to talk about, I still need keep my head right and work on getting to where I want to go in life. This blog post lays out the agenda for the summer in that regard.

Let me know if you like the list and if there are any recommendations you have for me. I would prefer recommendations on the best times to hit some of these places up, but if you have additional activities that coincide with what you see on the list, certainly let me know and I’ll add those to the bonus section. So please, please, please, post your recommendations in the comment section below!

Also, here’s the list below, as well as the link my list of things to do:

  1. Hudson Terracehttp://uzonyc.com/KW
  2. Lucky’s Burgerhttp://uzonyc.com/Gp
  3. Black Iron Burgerhttp://uzonyc.com/zR
  4. Molly’s Buffalo Burger
  5. The Intrepid Museumhttp://uzonyc.com/r7
  6. Fontana’shttp://uzonyc.com/HX, http://4sq.com/ihpZiG
  7. Miss Favelahttp://uzonyc.com/ck, http://4sq.com/pDdPAO
  8. Whiskey Tavern
  9. Trump Soho Hotel – http://4sq.com/mU4TFP
  10. Rare View on a Thursday Evening
  11. Tribeca Grand Hotel
  12. Qihttp://uzonyc.com/LV
  13. Madison Square Park BBQ Block Partyhttp://uzonyc.com/wj, http://4sq.com/mUgtvV
  14. Macondohttp://uzonyc.com/rQ
  15. Habana Outposthttp://uzonyc.com/nj, http://4sq.com/nStH3t
  16. Fort Greene Parkhttp://uzonyc.com/aU, http://4sq.com/pTZDmj
  17. International African Arts Festivalhttp://uzonyc.com/ZY, http://4sq.com/qVEekY
  18. Hudson River Cafehttp://bit.ly/nfEYsx, http://4sq.com/odauar
  19. Bistro Ten 18 – http://4sq.com/onDpae
  20. Mets Game – http://4sq.com/o9BSSu
  21. Chow down at Red Hook Ball Fields
  22. New Museum Block Party
  23. Murray’s Bagels
  24. Crumbs Bakery
  25. Terrace in the Sky
  26. Vamos All You Can Eat
  27. Porchetta
  28. The Meatball Shop

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