Summer Activity #1 – Hudson Terrace Extravaganza

Hudson Terrace Rooftop Bar NYCHudson Terrace
Neighborhood: Hell’s Kitchen
Venue: Rooftop Bar
Atmosphere: Trendy; A bit preppy
Crowd/Scene: Young urbanites
Rating: Uzo gives it 4 stars

We are a week into the summer, and I am already well behind in terms of the pacing of my summer project. There are 100 days during what I’m deeming the “Summer of Uzo,” and if I am to do and write about 100 activities, I am going to have to do a lot of doubling up between now and Labor Day.

That said, I have accomplished one of the things on my “Things to do in New York City Summer List.

On Friday night, I went to Hudson Terrace as a part of the Columbia Class of 2006 Five-year reunion. Thankfully, when you’re only five years out, you don’t have enough time to gain too much weight, or be all that successful, so my embarrassing lack of achievement over the last five years didn’t prevent me from enjoying the evening with my old classmates.

Hudson Terrace (621 46th Street, Manhattan, NYC) is an awesome rooftop space located right near the water. The space is actually quite quaint, as it is no bigger than a brownstone rooftop. However, it’s laid out very well, and can handle 100-150 people comfortably. The side of the terrace with a view allows you to see the Hudson River, a nice portion of the Hell’s Kitchen skyline, and a glimpse the Intrepid, which is docked directly on the other side of Westside Highway.

Hudson Terrace has great drinks and some decent food. It’s all over-priced, so I don’t recommend coming all the way out to the Westside just to check out the scenery if you’re really hungry or planning on setting up shop for the night. But it makes a great date spot for those in the area, and it is one of the few places that far from a subway worth actually checking out.

Luckily, my school was holding it down for us. We got two hours worth of open bar for very little money out of our own pockets. The only problem with that is we had way more than the 150 people Hudson Terrace can adequately accommodate, and with only three bartenders, you can imagine how hard it was to get a drink–especially as we got closer and closer to that two-hour mark.

But to put things in perspective, the crowdidness did not mess up my experience, and it shouldn’t bother yours either. The place was only crowded because the Class of 2006 rolled in deep, and given that I knew a large portion of the people there, it was easy to have a good time even when my glass wasn’t full.

Typically, Hudson Terrace isn’t going to be that crowded, so should you decide to go there on an ordinary Summer night, I doubt you would have an issue with the service there. Again, the food and drinks were great and the staff did the best they could, they just aren’t well-equipped for huge amounts of people. Thus, I wholly recommend not making this one of the stops on your Family Reunions bus tour. But as an afterwork spot during the summer or as a late-night venue for you Hells Kitchen natives, Hudson Terrace is worth a trip. I’m glad I can say that I checked it of my  list.

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