Changes to My Summer List of Things To-Do

Well, there have been a few changes to my list of 100 summer activities to accomplish this summer. Naturally, when you take part in sharing your flawed life over the internet, flaws will be unveiled. My inability to read is the flaw I bestow upon you today.

In my angst, I failed to notice that one of the entries was a duplicate entry. By virtue of starting these duplicate entries off with a different word, I mistakenly listed a trip to The Delancey twice on my list.

With removal of the duplicate, I then had room for another entry on the list. That entry has no been replaced by a trip to the Intrepid.

Other than that, everything else should be the same and should be accurate. Of course, I am human, and apparently am incapable of reading thoroughly, so I withhold the right to correct myself later on this summer if need be.

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