Summer Activity #2.01 – Lucky’s Famous Burgers

luckys famous burgers new york cityLucky’s Famous Burgers
Neighborhood: Chelsea
Venue: Burgers
Atmosphere: Nothing special
People: Sports fans
Rating: Uzo gives it 1 star

Lucky’s Famous Burgers was not what I thought it would be. However, let me clarify this element of the “100 Days, 100 Things” challenge first.

So if you aren’t aware of my summer list of things to do in New York City, please check it out. Once you do, you will see that one of the items on the list is “10 New Burger Spots.” Thus, in order to complete that one line item on the list, I must actually go to 10 different places. Hence, the clarification I have made here by numbering my visit to Lucky’s Famous Burgers “2.01.”

Now I digress.

Despite the reviews, Lucky’s Famous Burgers could do a lot better for itself. I read countless reviews that suggesting that Lucky’s has “nice, juicy and flavorful burgers.” However, both the juiciness and the flavor were missing, leading me to question just how nice they are.

Somebody on Yelp actually called Lucky’s burgers “fast and good like a homemade burger.” But if my homemade burger tasted like the one from Lucky’s, I’d ban myself from my kitchen, your kitchen and every kitchen in between.

Those burgers were dry, lacking flavor, had little taste and were a little bit overcooked. Lucky’s prides itself on using 100% natural ingredients and having no antibiotics or hormones in their meat, but does that mean they had to get rid of the taste too? For God’s sake, put some damn steroids in my burger if it means I don’t have to eat another one of Lucky’s famous—I mean infamous—burgers.

Besides, what decent hamburger joint or restaurant in New York City doesn’t use 100% natural ingredients?That’s been a fad in New York City since 2004, when everyone went all Pat Lafrieda beef on me. Lucky’s claim to being “natural” really isn’t anything unique these days–not in New York City anyway.

So as much as I hate to slander an otherwise good-name in the New York City burger community, Lucky’s Famous Burgers gave me the first, and hopefully last, sour taste of my summer challenge. In case you haven’t caught my drift, I won’t be back to Lucky’s—not even if somebody else pays for it. Perhaps the link I gave them will do them some good SEO-wise, because everything else in this post is too negative, and I hope none of my remaining 98 summer activities require a review this bad.

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