Summer Activity #2.02 – Black Iron Burger with the Morphites

Black Iron Burger
Neighborhood: East Village
Venue: Burgers, Bar
Atmosphere: Casual, Chill After Work
People: East Village Natives
Rating: Uzo gives it 3 Stars

Visually-speaking, Black Iron Burger (540 East 5th Street) doesn’t stand out at all. While it’s in the East Village, it’s location on 5th Street between Avenue A and Avenue B is fairly clandestine. Currently, it sits not too far away from a building undergoing massive reconstruction, so most people probably cross the street before even walking in front of the place. And even the people coming from the other side of the street are more tempted to walk into one of the two unique-looking places across the street, Ace Bar and Lavagna.

When you walk into Black Iron Burger, the uniqueness is still very much lacking—everything! Upon entering, it looks as if you’ve walked into a saloon. I was truly afraid about the odds of someone challenging me to duel outside. I used the bathroom at this place before diving into my burger and it couldn’t have been creepier if it tried. It wasn’t dirtier than usual. In fact, the bathroom may not have even been dirty at all, but with its location at the back of the restaurant, low-lighting and the lights turned off in what looked more like a dungeon than anything else, let’s just say that I’m glad that all I did in there was wash my hands.

Anyway, on to the “tasty” cheeseburger I had at Black Iron. I know I only gave this place 3 stars, but their burger was quite tasty. It’s probably not going to make my Top 10 list when this is all said and done, but it’s definitely a place I would hit up if I were caught in the East Village, presumably walking out of Ace Bar or somewhere else across the street.

I ordered the Black Iron Horse. Being the greedy glutton that I am, I was a little disappointment. The menu says that the Black Iron should amount to 12 oz. of beef, but I definitely didn’t feel like I had ¾ pounds worth of beef. Size aside, the burger was great. I did have them add bacon to it, so that gave it an edge on previous burgers that I have had at Lucky’s and at The Spotted Pig. But even without the bacon, the Black Iron Horse cheeseburger was going to win hands down.

Much like the place itself, nothing about the burger particularly stands out. The beef wasn’t the best, but it was tasty. The bread wasn’t unique, but it was good. The bacon complemented everything well, but it wasn’t the end all be all of that usually puts the icing on my burger cake. At the end of the day, Black Iron was just tasty. It wasn’t “go out of your way to get it” good, or “stand in line for 4 hours to try it” good. It was just tasty.

However, if you’re ever in the East Village on a weekend night (and who isn’t?), stop by Black Iron if you’re hungry. You can probably skip on the fries, unless you’re sopping up some alcohol, and the wings weren’t bad either. But as one of my fellow Morphites that accompanied me to Black Iron said, “It’s nothing special, but I’d try it again if I were in the neighborhood.”

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