Summer Activity #6 – Madison Square Park BBQ Block Party

BBQ Block Party Pulled Pork SandwichMadison Square Park
BBQ Block Party
Neighborhood: Flatiron
Venue: The Streets!
Atmosphere: Sunny day
People: BBQ lovers
Rating: 3

I love barbecue. I was born down south and raised in Texas, so I know a thing or two about great-tasting barbecue as well. So as you can imagine, every time I hear about the BBQ Block Party coming to New York City’s Madison Square Park, I get really excited. Unfortunately, something has come up every year, and I was never able to go…until I went to the BBQ Block Party last Sunday!

My list of things to do in NYC during the summer has really helped me tackle things I otherwise wouldn’t do without some sort of incentive. The motivation of doing everything I can to avoid embarrassment on the internet seems to be working, despite the fact that I’m only 6 activities in at the three-week mark. (Don’t worry, I’m going hard in July!)

Anyway, as much as I love BBQ, I really do hate waiting. I knew I was going to have to wait for food here and there, but I was thinking of something more in step with the lunch line at the Chipotle on 26th and 7th, not the gigantic lines I had to endure at the BBQ Block Party. Fortunately, I ran into both friends and a co-worker (who had her own cultural take on the BBQ Block Party), but that didn’t detract much from the 30-40 minute waits for a single plate of food. Sure, you could buy two plates, but the whole point of this event was to try a diversity of BBQ from across the country…not a plate of food from a single restaurant.

That being said, the food was really good. One of the dishes I had was a pulled-pork BBQ sandwich from Ubon’s, and it was definitely an amazing find. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find a better tasting pulled-pork sandwich in all of America–and yes, I’m saying that with a straight face. The pork was tender and well-seasoned, while the barbecue sauce was tangy and had just the right amount of flavor so that it didn’t take away from the pork. In addition, I had some coleslaw on the side, so I put that on the second half of my sandwich. Damn that was a good idea! I don’t claim to be an expert on coleslaw, nor do I eat it that often, but a top the pulled-pork, that coleslaw mine as well have been made by God himself.

Still as much as I loved the food and am dying to try some new venues next year, I can’t bare the waiting. So if I can’t muster up the resolve to “pay da five” and get the fast-track pass (estimated value: $100) then I don’t think I’ll hit up Madison Square Park for next year’s BBQ Block Party. Don’t get me wrong, if ever there were a food venue or event worth the wait, this party was it. I just don’t think anyone should wait for just about anything, especially a daily-necessity like food, for that long!

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