Summer Activity #4.02: Miss Favela, Steak & Pitches

Miss Favela Indoor BarMiss Favela
Neighborhood: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Venue: Brazilian
Atmosphere: Bar/Restaurant
People: Williamsburg Hipsters?
Rating: 4 Stars

It’s amazing that there are so many hidden gems in what is such a relatively small place like New York City. Miss Favela, is just off the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn, surrounded by innocuous buildings, Williamsburg secrecy and plenty of passersby. However, inside is a wonderful bar and restaurant full of Brazilian dishes, wonderful serve and a heck of a band on Thursdays nights.

I went to Miss Favela’s as a part of my job’s quarterly outing. Professional it was not, however, as we were served pitcher after pitcher of sweet, dangerously potent Brazilian concoctions. Needless to say, once the drinks started flowing, so did the conversation.

It’s always interesting to be around people you see in a work environment all day take it to the bar and get little looser than they would behind their desk. I talked to a few people that I barely even see in the office, and even got to know them a great deal more. Of course, what’s funny is the following day, both of you know that you had quite the riveting conversation the next day, but you’re not sure if you should go back to passing each other by as usual or bringing up that N.S.F.W. joke you told at Miss Favela’s the night before—I’m just saying.

Anyway, if you’re in the area, definitely check out Miss Favela’s. Then again, you will never be in the area, unless you feel like going for a jog to this place after you’ve spent the majority of your evening in the heart of Williamsburg’s nightlife. Still, Miss Favela’s is well worth going out of your way. The Steak and Onions I had with beans and rice was cooked to perfection. Not to mention, the appetizer plate they brought was every bit as interesting as it was cholesterol-threatening. And if I didn’t say enough about the drinks already, let me assure you they were that good. One of my friends with us actually saw somebody bring the fresh strawberries into the building. Next thing we knew, there were pitchers of strawberry-based libations in front of us, and they each had the consistency of a smoothie with any trace of alcohol hidden behind the robust taste of fresh fruit. Not exactly a “man’s drink,” but damn was it good.

I tried some of the food of my other table-mates, including a bean platter made with eggs and banana, and a fish platter that made me dream of being on the beach. Among all the dishes served, there was not a bad platter in the bunch, and I think just about everybody who wanted to eat left Miss Favela’s satisfied.

Amist the great food and great conversation I was having, the waitress eventually approached me and asked what company did we work for and what did we do. I told her we were in digital marketing, and she immediately began pitching me on a new app she helped create for the Mayor’s office. It was pretty loud in there, so I could barely hear her, but I believe the app was designed to promote volunteerism in New York City. Whatever it was, by the time she was done telling me about, I believe she asked me to give her strategic tips on releasing it right then and there. Seemed a little odd to me, so I pretened as if I had too much to drink and told her I’m in no position to give advice right now. Call me crazy, but that’s a bold request when a brother is eating his dinner, no?

I almost forgot to mention the band. I don’t know the band’s name, what kind of music they were playing or if they are used to playing when nobody is in the restaurant, but our group of 17 people was about the only entity in the building, and we all enjoyed the soft background music. Whether we were knee deep in conversation or giving them the occasional applause, that band was playing their hearts out. Much love to them and their passion for their music. And much love to Miss Favela’s for one heck of a quarterly outing!

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