Summer Activity #10: International African Arts Festival

International African Arts Festival in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NYCInternational African Arts Festival @ Commodore Park
Neighborhood: Fort Greene, Brooklyn
Venue: NYC Park
Atmosphere: Culture and Arts
People: Community-inclined Africans & Americans
Rating: 3

The International African Arts Festival has been occurring for over 40 years now, and after 9 years in New York City and 27 years on this Earth, this July 4th was the first time I had ever gone.

To say the least, this annual festival is extremely popular and extremely interesting. You have clothes being sold, food being cooked, songs being performed and speeches being spoken. Culture and art just filled the air, and rarely do you see such high levels of artistry in a gathering this big.

If you were looking for some enlightening knowledge, you could find that here as well. People were preaching about the trials and tribulations for Africans back in the motherland and here in the United States. There were many influential people from the local community there as well to get out their messages. From council men to wanna-be governors, this place was full of influential Brooklynites and those from other boroughs and areas as well.

At my own doing, I was pretty drained by the time I made it to the festival. So there was a lot of participation or food consumption out of me. Still, I saw some interesting things that definitely have encouraged me to go back next year—this time with a little more purpose in my presence.

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