Summer Activity #9: Fort Greene Park, Planks-R-Us

Planking outside of Fort Green ParkFort Greene Park
Neighborhood: Fort Greene, Brooklyn
Venue: NYC Park
Atmosphere: Family-friendly
People: Families, Yuppies
Rating: 5

There are a lot of parks in New York City, and many of them have their pluses and minuses. But in my “vast” knowledge of the study that is New York City parks, I have, to say, Fort Greene is probably the best in the city.


For starters, Fort Greene Park is in a beautiful, all-encompassing neighborhood. Unlike Central Park, Fort Greene Park is located in area where normal people can actually afford to live. Granted, there is a diverse collection of housing options around this park that includes projects to brownstones, but that makes for a diverse experience once you’re finally inside.

Secondly, you can cook in this park! That’s something you can’t do in Central Park, and barbequing is pretty hard to do in Prospect Park. Fort Greene makes it quite easy. With grilling-allowed areas and outdoor grills for you to use, it’s very easy to fire up the grill and get a burger or steak going.

Thirdly, the park is just the right size. We all are aware of the massive size of Prospect and Central Parks. And many of you know of much smaller parks, like Thompson Square Park or Battery City Park. Not unlike momma bear’s stuff, Fort Greene Park is just right when it comes to size. It’s not so big that you can’t enjoy it all in one day. But it’s not so mall that you can’t carve out a little space for yourself. From owning area for your family barbeque, to exploring the finer statues and building located right within the park, the space here is well designed and perfectly suited for your privacy and/or exploratory needs.

Lastly, Fort Greene Park is a lot of fun. I know other parks have plenty of stuff in them, too, so I won’t make this a defining characteristic, but I know that I in particular had more fun at Fort Greene than I’ve had at any other park in New York City. In fact, my afternoon at Fort Greene included climbing trees, taking in amazing views and watching planking!

That’s right—I said planking!

As you can see in the picture of me just outside of the park entrance, I came to find out that I was not planking properly, but it was still a lot of fun, and is something I am definitely going to try again the next time I’m at a park. And according to my list of things to in New York City this summer should be happening fairly soon…

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