Mission Unaccomplished: 100 Things to Do in the Summer

Dear Reader of UzoNYC,

I sit here before you today a man humbled.

Last May, I promised to embark upon a summer journey that would have your boy accomplish 100 things in New York City that I had yet to do during my nine-year stint in the city. Here we are, in late October, 3 months since my last post, and I accomplished a mere 21 activities.

Was it laziness?

Lack of money?

Lack of time?

Or just lack of caring?

Many people start things with a severe enthusiasm only to find themselves not giving a damn about the very task they were swooning over just moments ago. But that’s not what happened here. Indeed, it wasn’t a loss of concern that happened to me, it was those two old faithfuls: money and time.

Not that I went broke or embarked upon some unbelievably time-consuming journey to save my life or someone else’s, but life did catch up with me. I was promoted at work just a few days before my last post in July, and while that came with additional capital, it also came with an adjustment period I had not planned on embarking upon in the middle of my “100 Things To Do In the Summer” quest. On top of that, I also endured some major costs that I had not anticipated—costs I will certainly detail for you all later.

That said, I really have no real excuses to offer. Had I been more diligent about my time this past summer, I could have made that list happen. Especially, in July, when I really let time get the best of me. And of course, there is no excuse for an update on this not coming until nearly 2 months after Labor Day, the due date for my summer list.

So for all that, I apologize. I hope I have not lost the one (maybe 2) readers that I have. I promise I will continue my quests to conquer this city in the months to come, and I will do my damndest to embark upon a new “100 things” next summer. The blog will thrive on many other topics until then, and I hope I can keep you around for the ride.

My sincerest apologies,

Uzo Ometu
A Man Humbled

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