My New Year’s Resolutions for 2012

New York City New Year's EveSo even after my heartfelt apology to all 10 of my blog subscribers, I still managed to go several months without writing on my blog. Well, here’s to a new year in 2012! And with the New Year come new resolutions. Here are my resolutions for 2012 (Hint: the theme centers around my favorite topic: food!)

1. Stop eating so damn much!
I eat a lot. I eat far too much actually. I’m not even sure what I weigh anymore since my gym, cheap Planet Fitness, is the only gym in the world that does not have a scale, so I have gone over two years without being mindfully aware of what I weigh. I estimate around 250 pounds, which his 25 more pounds than I what wish to weigh. But using technology, I have identified the problem, and as previously stated, I eat a lot.

Using, I was able to look at my last 6 months of eating. From July through September, I consumed well under 3,000 calories per day, which according to, is my maintenance calorie amount. Needless to say, it was around the end of the summer that people started telling me that I had lost weight. Of course, the compliments immediately go to my head, and from October through December, it appears that I was consistently over the 3,000 calorie mark.

Well, with that information, I know exactly what my goal should be for not eating too much. To put it simply, I cannot allow myself to eat more than 3,000 calories per day. Now for the record, as if you care, my net calorie goal is 2,100 calories per day, but I can eat more if I exercise more. This leads me to my next resolution…

2. Exercise more!
In July, I was awful. In August and September, I was respectable. In October, I was great. But in November and December, the exercise ceased to exist at a time when my calorie-intake went above 3,000. Looking at the data, it appears that I averaged 180 burned calories per day, or 1,264 calories per month.

One thing that I have learned with more work experience is that you can’t expect significant gains all at once. They are nice to have, and you should always aim to do your best, but more times than not, pushing to do something that’s not realistic ends in despair. The unrealistic is more likely to happen when it’s the product of work effort, not necessarily planning.

Thus, instead of giving myself some unrealistic workout goal, I am aiming for a slight increase in the numbers. October was my best month, when I exercised for an average of 237 calories per day. I think about a 25% increase is not too much to ask, and that will take me to an average of 300 calories per day. That’s not a huge amount, and I hope to do more, but that’s my goal for the entire year, and a 25% increase over 365 days is definitely going to make a big difference—especially as I intend to be more frugal with the calories-burned that I record in the gym.

3. Spend less on food!
I started using in July, but I had at the very beginning of 2011, and thank God I did. Looking at it, I actually did quite well with my spending. I wish I made more money, but who doesn’t? Still, I had one blimp on my yearly report—I spent way too much on food. Essentially, I budgeted an average of X/month for my food budget, and for the year, I was 40% over it. Yeah, I know, that’s really bad…especially given what my food budget is. It’s really the only thing I spend money on. I’m not a big shopper, nor even a big techie that needs a lot of gizmos and gadgets. Food is where my money goes, but even though it’s about my only weakness, it’s still a weakness that not unlike shopping for a Beverly Hills Housewife, will cost my tons of money if I don’t get it under control.

Again, using my knowledge, I know I can’t expect to achieve my previous budget amount of X dollars per month. It was just unrealistic. So I have upped it for this year, and now my budget is set at about 15% more than what it was last year. Essentially, I am asking myself to spend 17% less than what I spend on food last year, which believe it or not, equates to thousands of dollars. I think I can do it, especially since being in school will help me save money on food 2 or 3 times a week.

4. Write consistently!
Even though going after my MBA would suggest that I am getting away from the writing game, nothing could be further from the truth. I fully intend to keep writing, and I have some goals in mind to hold myself to. Here they are, no explanations needed.

UzoNYC: 1 post per week
UzoNYC: 100 Things to Do in New York City
Black Oak Nights: 1 post per week
Zo Knows: 2 posts per week
MediaMan: 1 post per week
Guest Posts: 2 posts per week
HesGottaHave It: 1 post per week
MBA Voyage: 3 posts per week
HarlemRising: 5 posts per week
New Blog: 1 post per week

As you can see, not everything is figured out, and that already adds up to at least 17 posts per week, not including the additional 100 I will have to do for Things to Do in New York City. Am I setting myself up to fail? Perhaps. But to help me achieve the goal, I won’t hold myself to having to write long posts, or even having to write some of the post myself. I know being in school will make this task even more daunting, but I do like to write, so hopefully my passion will lead me.

5. Get my damn productions underway.
I said this last summer, and the summer got the best of me, but I do have several literary things I want to accomplish that will help me get my career in media and entertainment going to.

First, I have to do a web series. I know I have the ability to market online, now I just need something to market. If I have to write the dog on series myself, then I will!

Second, I have a great idea for scripted drama, and I need to get that pitched in time for pick-up season. That means I have to have the pilot written, along with the “Bible” (an industry term) by the end of the summer. I have 2 or 3 weeks off from school at the end of August—I think I see my window!

Third, I also really want to work on getting an independent movie up. Again, I think I know film really well, and I have the chops to market a low-budget indie. It’s time to at least have a script done by the end of the year.

6. Read more…
I really allowed myself to get too rapped up in my day-to-day stuff, which I just can’t accept as someone who wants to be a future business leader. All around, I have to work on that, but one of the things that will help me with that is making sure I take more time to read. While I really want to make sure I’m keeping up with Variety, the NYTimes, The Economist and all of the blogs in my Google Reader account, the fun stuff is important too. I’m sure there is a book club at Columbia, something like that would even be of interest to me. How I gauge this goal is TBD, but you know I will.

7. Enjoy people!
Again, getting caught up in the day-to-day stuff didn’t really allow me to enjoy the people around me and the people who aren’t around me. I once read a fortune placemat at a Chinese restaurant and it said something about people born in the year of the rat. Essentially, it said that I would be really good at making friends but not keeping them. To this day, I think that fortune has been too true for my liking. I have to be better at paying attention to the people that I really like and care about. I think part of what I struggle with is that because I don’t require much of any attention, that my friends don’t require any attention of me. And maybe for some of my friends that is the case, but in the long run, you aren’t going to keep many friends by seeing each other whenever you see them and not going out of way to pay attention to them. I’ll be better at that in 2012. Again, how to gauge that is TBD, but this may be something I just have to look at subjectively.

In Conclusion…
Alright, that’s enough for New Year’s resolutions. Seven is probably 4 or 5 too many, so I probably overextended myself. I actually probably contradicted everything I said by going for 7 resolutions after I said planning for big jumps in production is not a good practice. But the goals themselves are not only ones I’m already working on, but are ones that probably aren’t too far out of reach anyway, so hopefully, my goals are just on the money.

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