Cluster Z is Your 2013 Cluster Cup Champion

I failed to mention this when the news broke, but we were awarded our trophy this week as the cluster cup champions of 2013.

Apparently, the 14 people that showed up for I-Prep were far more than the number of people that showed on the behalf of several clusters out there, namely, Cluster Y, which wound up finishing second overall, after getting just 3 people to come to I-Prep. It’s that kind of willingness to give back to the community that separates Cluster Z from Cluster Y (cheap shot, I know).

Since the announcement of our win, we got a lot of slack from the Fall Termers for having an advantage as J-Termers because we don’t compete in as many events. I don’t think it’s an advantage, especially since we get penalized twice as hard for our losses. However, even if it were, the fact remains that we are the first-ever J-Term cluster to win the Cup, so that doesn’t bode well for the aforementioned argument.

The trophy we got is actually quite large thanks to our sponsors at Deloitte. I don’t know how many people came out to celebrate the championship with us the night of the ceremony, but given that everyone in the cluster that I spotted drank from the trophy, there were several dozen sets of lips that graced that trophy’s rim that night. It’s alright, Cluster Z is one big, happy family, and besides, were business school students, not doctors—well, except for three of us, and they said it was okay.

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