Follies Dinner

As I have said before, Follies has to be one of the best clubs at business school. In fact, outside of the affinity clubs, I don’t think there is a club that has more fun that this group of people. It’s a lot of work (4 hours every Sunday, and then some), but it all seemed worth it after our WRAP dinner and party last night!

The show was just last week, but many people, including myself, are having Follies withdrawal. Last night’s dinner and party should have taken care of that, as we drank and danced the night away.

The dinner was held where it is apparently held every year, Poco, and the food was great. More important than the food, however, (never thought I’d ever say that), were the awards that went out. The awards were along the lines of “sexiest scene,” “will do anything for follies,” “best villainous laugh,” and the award I got, “best fake Canadian wig.”

After the awards, our outgoing and incoming directors said some words of appreciation as people tried to take advantage of the last few minutes of the open bar. No doubt the open bar, the food and the space cost us a ton, but with tickets selling at $30 a head, Follies does alright for itself.

After dinner, a lot of people got something to eat since they knew they hadn’t had enough at Poco and that the place we were heading to would be our second open bar of the night. Good move by those who did, considering what went down at the post-show party a couple of weeks ago.

The party venue for the night was called The Wooly. It’s a very old-timey place tucked away somewhere in the Financial District (I think). It was definitely a cool spot, very intimate, with plenty of space for the 30-40 people we had in our group after some had went home after dinner. Needless to say, it was a very good time. It felt kind of like a “last time I’ll see you” type of party, since the following week would be the start of exams, and indeed, many of us 1st years would not see the 2nd years before they left for their graduation trip to Puerto Rico.

So what does my definition of a “last time I’ll see you” party consists of? Well, at this one, we had plenty of dancing, plenty of drinks, and lots of openness. There were a number of conversations where people just started spilling their guts, unlocking their inhibitions and all and all, just being really honest with one another. Conversely, I didn’t catch anything shady or devilish going down, so don’t get the wrong idea. Everything was above board—to my knowledge.

All and all, this was a great way to end Follies. I don’t think anyone could have been at that party without immediately wanting to join the club. The 4 hours a week (minimum) does scare a lot of talented people away, but it’s really not that hard, and if you’re considering joining, do it first semester so that you don’t have any regrets and/or excuses later on.

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