The Murtaugh List Challenge: Things to do Before Turning 30

Murtaugh ListFor those of you who don’t know what the “Murtaugh List” is, it was defined in “How I Met Your Mother” as the list of stuff you shouldn’t do after you turn the age of 30. It was pop culture taking from pop culture, as the character Detective Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon was often caught saying “I’m too old for this shit” throughout the entire LW franchise.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to bring you my own Murtaugh List. Because on March 12, 2014, I officially become too old for this shit. I will turn 30 that day, but before that day comes, I have a lot of stuff to do. When I was a sophomore in high school, I made a huge list of career accomplishments I wanted to complete by the age of 30. Very little, if any of those have come true…who knows? I lost the list. And quite frankly, who worries about their careers once you turn 30 anyway? By then I’ll just be complaining about my back and heart burn all the time, won’t I?

So instead of trying to accomplish, or even more appropriately, trying to get on the right path to accomplishing all of my hopes and dreams, I’m going to practice being young, dumb and full of—well, you know what comes next. So much like Barney took on the Murtaugh List in this infamous episode of “How I Met Your Mother”, I’m going to do all of the crazy things young, idiotic, 20-somethings are supposed to do that 30 year olds won’t…and naturally, I’m going to do all of it by the time I turn 30.

However, I can’t go into my 30′s without any type of personal development whatsoever. So within this list, I’m also including some goals to help overcome the many deficiencies of my first 30 years on this earth. The list is below. I know what you’re saying: “There’s no way I can finish that in two months.” Well, that’s kind of the point. I’m going to give it the old college try. I once studied and took 3 mid-terms, did a football workout and went to the movies in a 24-hour span…so challenge accepted!

Note: For updates on my ventures through Murtaugh List, always check out the “Murtaugh List” link the header up above!

  • Partake in a footrace
  • Crash a party I’m clearly not invited to
  • Eat an ungodly amount of pancakes
  • Make a rap song
  • Go to a rave party (do those still exist?)
  • Run 10 gassers
  • Get published on
  • Wear torn jeans
  • Get over my love of 90′s television
  • Spend money on something stupid
  • Invite friends over for a cheap meal
  • Bore someone with my high school glory days stories
  • Do something stupid with my facial hair
  • Rewatch a movie from my childhood
  • Display unnecessary bravado
  • Travel somewhere with a backpack
  • Do something I’m scared of
  • Cook an awesome meal
  • Take a “fun” day off of work
  • Stop to appreciate a moment
  • Master a party trick
  • Don’t be defined by cultural expectations
  • Take a big risk
  • Join a networking group
  • Do something I’m not good at in front of others
  • Be grateful to someone
  • Stay out till 4am on a “school” night
  • Watch MTV
  • Eat nothing but dessert for a day
  • Finish a webseries
  • Host a dinner party
  • Spontaneous out-of-town trip
  • Send postcards
  • Do a fast
  • Spend 24 hours out in the city
  • Try out for a sports team
  • Run a race for charity
  • Write a poem
  • Enter a food eating contest
  • Meditate
  • Buy a gift for closest friends
  • Mentor a young one
  • Take a toastmasters class
  • Play in a professional poker tournament
  • Make a major investment
  • Have a crazy Atlantic City experience
  • Go to a club 7 nights straight
  • Play video games all night long
  • Learn to make a signature cocktail
  • All-u-Can Eat Chicken
  • 30-Day Challenge: 30 Sit-ups everyday
  • 30-Day Challenge: 30 unique persons, 30 unique venues, 30 unique drinks
  • 30-Day Challenge: 30 days to a better blog
  • 30-Day Challenge: Tell the world something they didn’t know about me
  • 30-Day Challenge: Have a “Twitter” beef with someone
  • 30-Day Challenge: Promote a Kickstarter campaign each day
  • 7-Day Challenge: Challenge something I believe in
  • Consider becoming a mayor on Foursquare as cool
  • Watch 5 enlightening documentaries
  • Overspend at a place of business
  • Spend entire day on my couch
  • Learn a DIY craft
  • Buy a suit and never get too big for this suit
  • Start a tradition
  • Eat food that is spicy to me
  • Read a classic book I should’ve read in high school or college
  • Travel solo somewhere
  • Commit to a cause
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