Murtaugh List – Things to Do Before You Turn 30 in NYC

Murtaugh List“Things to Do Before You Turn 30″ – Becoming 30 years old requires a bit of humility, several trying times and a whole lot of fun! If you haven’t had copious amounts of humility, difficulties and humor in your life, chances are you’re sheltered or under the age of 23. However, I turn 30, or (by the time you have read this) have already turned 30, on March 12, 2014.

In my quest to make sure I do all of the things I’m going to do a whole lot less of once I turn 30, I created the Murtaugh List of all the things to do before I turn 30! In my blog post, I wrote about what the Murtaugh List is. I also talked a little bit about my reasons for picking some of the activities I picked for my Murtaugh List, but essentially it came down to this: everything before 30 is about finding out who you are, what are your boundaries and what things you like and dislike.

But being young is also about challenging yourself so you can find those things out. So with just 2 months before my birthday, I promised myself I would do everything on my Murtaugh List before 3/12/14. Below is a list of things I don’t think anyone else at the age of 29 will accomplish in the 2 months leading up to their birthday. I will update the list with mini-descriptions and links to individual blog posts about them. Sure, it’s not the most courageous list, but it’s New York-centric, it’s got my likes, it’s got things I don’t know whether I like them, and it’s got things that will challenge me.

So take a look. Follow my journey. And I challenge you to copy my Murtaugh List, add to it, make it your own and let me know about it!

30-Day Challenges

  1. 30-Day Challenge: 30 unique persons, 30 unique venues, 30 unique drinks
  2. 30-Day Challenge: 30 Sit-ups everyday
  3. 30-Day Challenge: 30 days to a better blog
  4. 30-Day Challenge: Tell the world something they didn’t know about me
  5. 30-Day Challenge: Have a “Twitter” beef with someone
  6. 30-Day Challenge: Promote a Kickstarter campaign each day

Harm Myself Physically

  1. Partake in a footrace
  2. Run 10 gassers
  3. Eat an ungodly amount of pancakes
  4. Run a race for charity
  5. Enter a food eating contest
  6. Try out for a sports team
  7. All-u-Can Eat Chicken
  8. Go on a fast
  9. Eat food that is spicy to me
  10. Eat nothing but dessert for a day
  11. Mac & Cheese Tour – My Source

Better Myself Mentally  

  1. Stop to appreciate a moment
  2. 7-Day Challenge: Challenge something I believe in
  3. Write a poem
  4. Watch 5 enlightening documentaries
  5. Mentor a young one
  6. Read a classic book I should’ve read in high school or college
  7. Meditate
  8. Be grateful to someone

Social and/or Awkward 

  1. Crash a party I’m clearly not invited to
  2. Make a rap song
  3. Go to a rave party (do those still exist?)
  4. Wear torn jeans
  5. Bore someone with my high school glory days stories
  6. Do something stupid with my facial hair
  7. Consider becoming a mayor on Foursquare as cool
  8. Don’t be defined by cultural expectations
  9. Do something I’m not good at in front of others


  1. Get over my love of 90′s television
  2. Spend 24 hours out in the city
  3. Rewatch a movie from my childhood
  4. Go to a club 7 nights straight
  5. Watch MTV
  6. Play in a professional poker tournament
  7. Overspend at a place of business
  8. Play video games all night long
  9. Spend entire day on my couch
  10. Stay out till 4am on a “school” night


  1. Spontaneous out-of-town trip
  2. Travel somewhere with a backpack
  3. Travel somewhere solo

Domesticate Myself 

  1. Invite friends over for a cheap meal
  2. Cook an awesome meal
  3. Start a tradition
  4. Send postcards
  5. Learn a DIY craft
  6. Learn to make a signature cocktail
  7. Host a dinner party
  8. Buy a gift for closest friends

Be A Professional

  1. Finish a webseries
  2. Take a big risk
  3. Make a major investment
  4. Join a networking group
  5. Take a toastmasters class
  6. Buy a suit and never get too big for this suit
  7. Get published on

Have a Story to Tell  

  1. Spend money on something stupid
  2. Display unnecessary bravado
  3. Master a party trick
  4. Do something I’m scared of
  5. Take a “fun” day off of work
  6. Have a “crazy” Atlantic City experience