Summer NYC, Activity #11: Mickey Spillane’s


Mickey Spillane’s
Neighborhood: Hell’s Kitchen
Venue: Casual Bar
Atmosphere: Casual
Crowd/Scene: Low-Key Bar
Foursquare Check-in
Rating: 3 Stars

As far as bars in Hell’s Kitchen go, Mickey Spillane’s is nothing special. But if you are looking for a casual place with decent food, open seats and cheap drinks, where you can chill and not worry about the constant struggle of some New York City bars, then you really can’t beat this place on the corner of 49th & 9th.

Because I hadn’t had enough margaritas that night, I went to Mickey Spillane’s immediately after dining at Diego’s Mexican Grill. I had walked past Mickey Spillane’s on several different trips to Hell’s Kitchen, and the “$5 Margarita” sign caught my attention each and every time.

So upon finally realizing “my dream,” I sat at the bar and did what any other dream-realizer would do; I ordered the margarita. Now, as it came out of a machine that clearly had been making margaritas for the past 67 days non-stop, it wasn’t the best margarita I had ever had. But after a night of spicy Mexican dishes, and in the midst of New York City’s unbearable heat wave, the $5 margarita hit the spot–and not my wallet.

I wanted to try some food, but having just eaten, I couldn’t bring myself to do it–besides, that would only mean less room for the margaritas. But as platters of wings, burgers, fries and many other bar food dishes hurled past my line of sight, I couldn’t help but notice that the portions were plentiful. And if the food tasted half as good as it looked, I highly doubt one could be disappointed by the quality of cuisine here–especially after a few margaritas!

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