Lawyered: Summer Sundays Are Made for Brunching Alfresco

I came across this silly article in the New York Times depicting the residents of Greenpoint, Brooklyn as some of the most terrifying people on the face of the planet.

To sum it up, Greenpoint residents, or at least some of them, hate brunch!

Why do they hate brunch? Who hates brunch?

Okay. So I am exaggerating -a little bit. But many neighborhood residents did complain about the well-known Five Leaves restaurant serving brunch outdoors before noon on a Sunday, which apparently is outlawed in New York City.

Or at least it used to be.

Thankfully, the city council took care of that problem and struck down that arcane rule-which apparently was in place, at least in part, for the mere objective of allowing church-goers to get to church without having to walk around people eating their food outside. But before the law was taken down at the end of June, Five Leaves literally had to tell customers that got their before noon that they had to eat inside or wait until they were legally allowed to serve food outdoors.

Now, in most parts of the city, restaurants were ignoring this rule without shame. And in most parts of the city, you can understand why. On a bright, high-temperature, Sunday morning, most New Yorkers want to eat outside, because we only have a handful of mornings during the year when that is even possible. But Greenpoint residents frowned on that. They didn’t like us early brunch goers drinking and eating on the sidewalks when they were trying to get to church.

Well, complaining residents of Greenpoint, the law is no longer on your side. And now that brunching alfresco is allowed before noon, I suggest you pull up a chair and join us. Surely, wherever it is you are going that early on a weekend morning can’t possibly be starting on time anyway–for God’s sake, it’s Sunday!

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