Summer in NYC 2014, Activity #12: The Wing Bar

The Wing Bar BrooklynThe Wing Bar
Neighborhood: Cobble Hill
Venue: Restaurant and Bar
Atmosphere: Serene courtyard outback 
Crowd/Scene: Walk-ins, Sports Watchers
Foursquare Check-in
Rating: 3 Stars

As my quest along Smith Street continued on this faithful Saturday, I followed up trips to Clover Club, Brooklyn Social and Zombie Hut with a trip to place that serves one of my favorite dishes on earth: Chicken Wings!

With a name like “The Wing Bar,” you automatically set the expectation that you make good wings. To be honest, I didn’t even take into consideration the idea that they wouldn’t have good wings. How long can you actually last as an eatery of some sort when you’re not even good at what your namesake suggests you should be? It would be like Jamba Juice sucking at juice, Pizza Hut sucking at pizza, or New York’s own, Bathtub Gin not having good gin.

Thankfully, The Wing Bar doesn’t have this problem. They are very good at wings. My friends felt the need to get a couple to taste before we went in on the multi-dozen order for the table, but at the end of the day, we all came to the same conclusion–The Wing Bar has some of the best wings out there.

We got both the mild and hot wings. The hot ones weren’t too hot when I was eating them, but admittedly, 6-8 hours afterwards, I don’t know that I had that same sentiment. But I digress. They were very crispy, didn’t have too much sauce on them, and the flavor of the sauce was so good, that naturally, we had to make one order too many with our eyes than our stomachs could handle.

The Wing Bar also has a very nice space outside, which is filled with outdoor tables for you to dine at. We were there past sunset, so it was a nice, cool summer night and the setting was very quiet, relaxing and low-lit. The outdoor space makes The Wing Bar a great place to bring your friends, your family and even your kids. Check it out, as I highly recommend it. It’s even worth the trip from Manhattan, but don’t rush out too quickly, because I don’t think the inhabitants of Smith Street mind the reclusiveness and serenity this great wing space has to offer.

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