Summer in NYC 2014, Activity #14: La Marina Outdoor Club

La Marina NYCLa Marina NYC
Neighborhood: Inwood
Venue: Outdoor Bar/Club
Atmosphere: Club, Lounge, Dance
Crowd/Scene: Trendy, Partiers
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Rating: 5 Stars

La Marina is probably one of the best kept-secrets in Manhattan–well, depending on the demographic you belong to. It’s pretty safe to say that if you are an inhabitant of the Inwood neighborhood, then you know all about La Marina. Additionally, my latino brothas and sisters are more likely to be knowledgeable of this fine establishment. And then my fellow brothers and sisters with a proclivity for either the uptown lifestyle, or the latino brothas and sisters, are also more likely to be aware of La Marina’s existence.

So what is La Marina? In my humble opinion, it has to be New York City’s most happening outdoor day-club and nightclub. Yeah, I know those frauds at Mako just entered the scene about 2 seconds ago and claimed to be Manhattan’s first outdoor day-club, but that just goes to show you the type of disrespect that uptown gets at times. Nonetheless, La Marina doesn’t need Mako’s respect, because it has already been turning up for years and attracting sizable crowds that Mako can only dream of.

La Marina is all about being outside, socializing, drinking and dancing. That’s pretty much it. Yeah, you can throw some food into your experience, and if there’s a fight on that night, they will certainly put ESPN on the screen, but more than anything, La Marina is a nightclub–or dayclub. (Note: As the Media Man, I know ESPN hasn’t had a major fight on their air in decades.) 

On this occasion, this was my first time being outside at La Marina. I foolishly had only been here after the summer season when the outdoor space is pretty much off-limits. And being here on a summer day was completely different from any of my previous visits.

La Marina turns up during the summer! There was literally a line about 2 blocks long to get in, and you best be on your Ps and Qs when you enter, because it’s no place to show up in anything less than your summer’s best. That’s not to say that you have be in a church suit in order to get in, because the door really isn’t that stringent. They will start to enforce a cover charge if the line gets too long just as a means to cut down the line, but you can easily get in with shorts or a tank-top during the day. But if you plan on being on par with everybody else in the joint, you better have on the most fashionable pair or shorts you own, because you will indeed stick out like a sore thumb if you come into La Marina looking like you just rolled out of bed. And for my fellas out there still in the hunt, if you plan on hollering, the ladies here are dressed to the 9s, so good luck getting numbers with your pit-stained t-shirt on.

With that as backdrop, you may think La Marina is pretty stuffy, but it isn’t in the least. It’s a very chill place, with lots of people talking, everyone is extra friendly, and there’s more dancing here at 4pm on a Sunday than there is at 1 Oak on a Saturday night–and I say that without an ounce of hyperbole.

So come out and play at La Marina. It’s a great place to turn up, meet someone new or just have a nice drink on the water. It has a little something for everybody, and thus I highly recommend it for everyone!

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