Summer in NYC 2014, Activity #16: Milk & Honey

Milk and Honey Flatiron NYCMilk & Honey
Neighborhood: Flatiron
Venue: Cocktail Bar
Atmosphere: Mysterious, Classy
Crowd/Scene: In the Know 
Foursquare Check-in
Rating: 4 Stars

I’m hesitant to write too much about Milk & Honey, because it feels like such a secret. I don’t believe that it is, otherwise, I certainly wouldn’t know about it. But you can’t help but walk up in there and think that you’re back in the days of Prohibition and that the 5-O is going to come busting through the door looking to arrest people for illegally serving alcohol.

Thankfully, in the back of my head, I know we don’t live in the 1920′s. And because we don’t, Milk & Honey is allowed to serve some of the best creations in the city. Now, I would love to tell you about the 2 majestical drinks I had here when meeting a friend, but because there is no menu, and because they serve you whatever they feel like serving you based on the criteria that you give them, I don’t actually know/remember what I had to drink.

What I do know is that both of my drinks were amazing, and that I may have a new favorite cocktail bar in New York City.

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