Summer in NYC 2014, Activity #18: Brooklyn Academy of Music

Brooklyn Academy of MusicBrooklyn Academy of Music
Neighborhood: Fort Greene
Venue: Museum
Atmosphere: Academic, Classy
Crowd/Scene: Music/film lovers
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Rating: 3 Stars

Despite calling myself a New York expert, I had managed to go almost 12 years in this city without going to the Brooklyn Academy of Music. And not surprisingly at all, it took a movie to get me to go…

During the 2014 BAM Cinemafest, I went to BAM to see “Evolution of a Criminal,” which was directed by Darius Clark.

[SPOILER ALERT] It was a great documentary about a young man sentenced to time in jail after having committing a robbery, and it then goes into some of his evolution after his release. Oh, and that young man happened to be the director himself.

I don’t want to give much else away about the movie, but I do encourage you to go see it. That said, I probably need to go back to BAM and appreciate it of the wonderful homage to music that it is, but until then…

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