Summer in NYC 2014, Activity #22: Swift Hibernian Lounge

Swift Hibernian Lounge NoHo NYCSwift Hibernian Lounge
Neighborhood: NoHo
Venue: Bar 
Atmosphere: Casual, Happy Hour
Crowd/Scene: After Work, Professional
Foursquare Check-in
Rating: 3 Stars

I went here for a birthday party during happy hour, and while I certainly had a good time, it had more to do with the company I was keeping than the place itself.

That’s not to say Swift Hibernian Lounge isn’t a good place, it just isn’t anything special. It’s probably a great place for meeting up after work and chilling with your co-workers after 10 hours of hell behind a desk. And I don’t doubt that it’s worth stopping by on a night when there isn’t much else going on in your life. But outside of that, I don’t see much utility in the place.

Before I degrade it too much though, let me just say that my friend reserved a table in the back, and about 20+ of their closest people were there, drinking and having a good time, and thus, I had a blast. And to give the place a little more credit, their balance of Bulleit Bourbon and Ginger in my highball cocktails was perfect–so props to the bar tender.

Other than that though, there isn’t much to say about Hibernian. There crowd there on a Thursday evening was fairly small, but not small enough to really have a private conversation. Yet it wasn’t big enough to warrant it be a place where a single female or male could come here looking for a member of the opposite sex. It was just stuck in that no-man’s zone, where essentially, if you’re there, it’s only because you’re not sure of what your next move is.

In conclusion, if you need a little mediocrity in your life, want to talk to somebody in public, and don’t care about hooking up with anyone for the night, then the Hibernian Lounge is for you. Try the Bulleit and Ginger Ale while you’re there.

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