Summer in NYC 2014, Activity #24: Downstairs @ Silvana’s

Silvana'sDownstairs @ Silvana’s
Neighborhood: Central Harlem
Venue: Restaurant & Lounge
Atmosphere: Dancing, Hip-hop
Crowd/Scene: Uptowners, Nightlifers
Foursquare Check-in: N/A
Rating: 2 Stars

Not learning anything from my debacle with Red Rooster’s, I decided that my first trip to Silvana’s (this 1-year old restaurant on 116th Street) would be to their “party space” downstairs instead of their restaurant they are “known for.”

I made the wrong decision.

Because no matter how bad the food is upstairs, it couldn’t have been worse than what was going on downstairs.

For starters, I walked in with two ladies, and the dude tried to stick us with a $5 cover charge as if it were mandatory. It clearly wasn’t mandatory, as when I walked by him, neither he nor a bouncer of any kind said a word about it. So apparently, there are just people standing by the door trying to collect money off unsuspecting suckers. That’s good business, right?

Second, the dance scene there is pretty pathetic. Don’t get me wrong. In the right mood, I could probably have a good time down there. But there isn’t that much space to dance, most people aren’t dancing, and the male to female ratio isn’t very kind to the males–if you know what I’m saying.

And last but not least, dudes want to fight. And I don’t want my not-so-good recommendation of Silvana’s to seem like it all hinges on a bad experience with one attitudinal individual, because it doesn’t. Silvana’s, as a matter of fact, just isn’t a great place to spend your night partying unless you have nothing better to do and doing nothing isn’t an option. Still, my non-altercation altercation with a dude as I was leaving was spurred on by pure drunkeness and a lack of any kind of doorman. No man with a right mind would’ve allowed such an inebriated person to enter or stay inside of their club, but that wasn’t the case at Silvana’s.

So as much as I hate throwing shade at a local place, I have to give Silvana’s a 2. The only reason it doesn’t get a 1 is because I could see myself going there should hell, or at least Harlem, freeze over and I feel the need to entertain someone. That said, I really hope the food here is good, because the nightlife game probably isn’t going to work out for them in the long-run.

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