Summer in NYC 2014, Activity #7: VU Bar

Neighborhood: Korea Town
Venue: Outdoor Bar 
Atmosphere: Loose, Fun 
Crowd/Scene: Afterwork, Tourists 
Foursquare Check-in
Rating: 1 Star

I really can’t get on board with the likes of VU Bar. I felt like I was sold a bag of false goods. I put this place on my list as it was described to me as being an oasis among the cultivated mess that is Midtown and K-Town. However, upon walking in VU Bar, I quickly realized that I was entering the 7th ring of hell. 

Okay, perhaps that was a bit extreme. It wasn’t hell…maybe just hell on earth. This is a picture of what I thought I was walking into:

Vu Bar

Admittedly, not the most awesome looking place in the world, but well above the standard of a place I’d like to go to after work.

More importantly, you need to juxtapose this image with a picture of how this place actually looks like upon arrival:

Vu Bar NYCThis is not a place I would like to go to after work, and yet I did. Why? Because I was sold a bag of false goods. Timeout New York, an entity I have come to trust on matters like these, told me this was one of NYC’s best rooftop bars. I should have went with New York Magazine’s 3 out of 10 rating which deemed it a “not recommended” based on the fact that only 25% of readers said they would go back.

Allow me to make that percentage a little bit lower, because I’m not going back, don’t ever want to go back, and don’t have the stomach to even think about going back. Call me pretentious if you want, but VU Bar just isn’t a cool space, and it certainly isn’t an oasis amidst midtown. It’s a dive bar with a view of the Empire State building and that’s it.



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