Summer 2013: The End of 100 Days, Not 100 Things

lebain nyc summer fridaysWell, another summer is coming to an end, which also means the end of my 3rd year of “Things to do in the Summer: 100 Days, 100 Things, 100 Posts!”

For those of you who don’t already know (and why would you?), my “100 Days, 100 Things, 100 Posts” series is an annual thing I do every summer (between Memorial Day and Labor Day) to do all of the 100 things in New York City I have yet to do despite having lived here since Fall 2002.

And in trying to do 100 things, it’s no surprise that I came up short in my attempt to reach the “100″ trifecta, completing just 30 of the items on my to-do list.

After giving this effort a go the previous two years, I realized that despite my high ambitions, something always comes up to slow me down. In 2011, I had to put a lot of time into both my job and my effort to get into business school. In 2012, I was working at the Associated Press, taking classes over the summer and traveling more than I ever had before in my life. And in this most recent summer of 2013, the end of business school, starting a new business and looking for a job certainly curtailed my attempt at doing all of the 100 things on my “things to do list.”

That said, this summer was not without its triumphs for the list! Here are 6 of the coolest things I did this past summer as a result of my attempt at 100 things!

  1. Press Lounge – This was actually a very surprisingly good time. I had heard about Press Lounge, but when I finally saw its glorious rooftop atmosphere, I couldn’t help but decide right then and there that Press Lounge is a place I want to spend a lot more time at. Additionally, getting to hang out with some of the folks from the BBSA fam was an added benefit, and later in the evening I got to see a bunch of my other business school friends. Sadly, I had some work to attend to, so I couldn’t stay through the night, but it was a time to remember and a place to remember for sure.
  2. Bareburger – During business school, I really fell off my hunt for the best burger in New York City. I settled for a lot of fancy meals at restaurants instead of doing what I truly enjoy, getting my hands around a nice juicy cheeseburger. Well, this summer, I finally made my way to Bareburger, and while it’s a chain, it’s no McDonald’s. I’ve never had anyone put Brisket on a burger, but I’m telling you, my life has changed forever because of it. I went with my girlfriend, who doesn’t eat beef. Despite her inability to appreciate the greatness of brisket on a burger, it was a great time nonetheless, as we followed Bareburger up with a showing of one of her films with Rooftop Film’s atop a huge building in Brooklyn.
  3. LeBain Summer Fridays – My inability to go here more than once this past summer should really tell you how busy I was, because I absolutely loved LeBain Summer Rooftop Fridays. The fact that some people are chilling atop Manhattan rooftops at 3pm in the afternoon on a Friday, drinking the day away, in bathing suits, all the while the rest of us are working, is kind of mind-boggling. Don’t get me wrong–day-drinking is no new theme to me, but LeBain takes it to another level. But in addition to the rooftop views, I also felt like this was one of the first times I got to know someone who is becoming a very good friend of mine. All that considered, I expect to be here way more than once next summer.
  4. Governor’s Island – Quite simply, I can’t believe it took me this long to go there, but I finally did. Governor’s Island is an awesome place, but truth be told, I didn’t do much in the way of exploring the island while I was there. I’ll write the post later, but the main reason this was a good time was because I spent it with good people. Simply, it was a fun, relaxing Saturday afternoon, and anyone looking for that should probably check it out. Then again, I’m probably the last Manhattanite to have visited the place.
  5. High Line Park – This was another iconic New York City landmark that I somehow managed to go years without checking it out. In my defense, I tried to go a month or two after it opened, only to find out upon getting there that it was not open at night. This time around, I went on the “first day” of summer, Memorial Day, and it was what I expected. The view was awesome, and my girlfriend and I took the obligatory picture to capture the Hudson River sunset. This was yet another park that is now on my list of places of to relax–should I ever actually have time to do that.
  6. Die Stammkneipe / Der Schwarze K├Âlner – Brooklyn was not sprawling with beer gardens when I was living there 4 years ago, but now, every corner in BK seems to have one. This particular beer garden was a suggestion from a friend, who was having his birthday there. Surprisingly, I actually decided to drink beer that day, and I may have found somewhat of an affinity for pilsners. More importantly than the beer though, there were six of my old Columbia Football teammates and friends that came out. It was definitely good seeing them, and that made me want to make the effort that I’ve lacked for far too long to see them more.

So as you can see, despite not doing 100 things, I got a lot of personal value out of trying to do some new things. From new places to old friends, summer 2013 was awesome. And while the upcoming Fall is my favorite time of year, I can’t wait to try and do this all over again in 2014–when I think I’ll be in a position to put up my strongest effort to complete 100 new things in 100 days!

Last but not least, this isn’t the least post Summer 2013! I still have 13 posts to put up, and I’ll sprinkle those out on the blog over the next month. So check back for those posts, and you can always find an updated list on the main page for Summer 2013!

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