Summer in NYC 2013 – Activity #3: SNAP Bar

SNAP Bar, Sports Bar

Inside of SNAP Bar NYC

Neighborhood: Chelsea
Venue: Sports bar
Atmosphere: Casual, sporting attire
Crowd/Scene: Sports fans, drinkers
Foursquare Check-in:
Rating: Uzo gives it 3/5 stars

First of all, I’m not capitalizing “SNAP” for the rest of my post. The place wasn’t that special…use some lower-case letters!

Second of all, if you’re looking for your typical, run of the mill, safe-bet sports bar, then Snap Bar is your place. It’s nothing special and certainly nothing to write home (or on the internet for that matter) about, but it’s not a bad place to watch the game if you’re running out of choices.

Actually, given it’s relative emptiness for Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals, it’s actually a great place to go. Rarely will you find a good sports bar that isn’t packed to the walls with over indulgent sports fan when LeBron James is on the TV screen. But Snap was spacious, relatively quiet, and a pleasure to be at on a “ball night!

That said, they did have a few problems. For starters, they apparently aren’t very good at buying enough alcohol, and they perhaps need to study up on operatons to figure that out. They were lacking both Captain Morgan and Bacardi Gold Rum, so that put a damper on my sports viewing experience right away. Additionally, the food isn’t that awesome there. Granted, I was only able to experiment with the handful of appetizers and dishes my small party of four ordered, but none of it was amazing, and quite frankly, I made better chicken wings than that when I was 15-years old and didn’t know the difference between baking and broiling.

So, if you are looking for a nice to place to watch a good game, hang with some friends, hear yourself talk, and have about a 61% chance of getting the liquor or beer of your desire, Snap will certainly fit the bill. However, if you want some finger-licking food to go with your Sunday football, then you may be better off going elsewhere.

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