Summer NYC 2013, Activity #14: Bareburger

Bareburger Hell's Kitchen NYCBareburger
Neighborhood: Hell’s Kitchen
Venue: Burger Joint
Atmosphere: Trendy
Crowd/Scene: Dates, Family-Friendly
Foursquare Check-in
Rating: 3 Stars

The burger was good…the prices were not. That pretty much is all there is to say about Bareburger.

To go into a little bit more detail, their burger menu is outstanding! Forgetting the fact that they have well over a dozen burger combinations already on deck for you, you can create your own custom burger with just about every topping imaginable to man. During my visit, I got a bison burger with a brioche bun, lettuce, tomato, avocado, pepperjack, stone ground mustard and some brisket–yes brisket!–to top it off. Needless to say, that was an f’ing good burger, and one that I won’t forget. It was a little small for my liking, but I’m quite fat, so I tend to think every portion that doesn’t ooze off the table and onto the floor is too small.

That said, the price of the burger would have been astounding if not for the Groupon I had on deck. The Groupon pretty much gave me two burgers, fries and a soft drink (which I didn’t get, because I’m on a diet obviously) for under $30. If I had paid full price for all of it, it would have been well over $50. Not exactly the price of the prototypical burger and fries meal you want to take a cheap date on, but it does taste hella-good.

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