Summer NYC 2013, Activity #18: Latitude Bar & Grill Happy Hour

Latitude Bar & Lounge NYCLatitude Bar & Grill Happy Hour
Neighborhood: Midtown West
Venue: Bar & Grill
Atmosphere: Business Casual
Crowd/Scene: Afterwork, Happy Hour
Foursquare Check-in
Rating: 3 Stars

Latitude Bar & Grill has been one of the places that has managed to sneak past me on the first two goes at this whole summer list thing. And while finally managing to make it there this summer certainly quenched a thirst for marking yet another bar off my to-do list, I couldn’t help but be underwhelmed by a happy hour that, sometime ago, seemed so promising.

Perhaps I just came two years late. When I originally put this place on my list of things to do, everything I read pointed to Latitude Bar & Grill being “the” spot to go to afterwork. The music was supposed to be jumping. The crowd was supposed to be live. And the drinks were supposed to be cheap and flowing.

Well, none of this was true. I’ve never gotten into a bar more easily, as it may have been 10% full at the time. There was no bumping good time, and there were not a ton of people mingling and dancing like it was once advertised. And even the happy hour failed me, as my simple rum and cokes ran at almost $10 a pop.

All that said, it wasn’t like Latitude was a bad place–it’s just not “the” place. If you want a place where you can hear yourself think, gather a couple of friends and order overpriced drinks like in every other Manhattan establishment, then Latitude is the place for you. And I don’t mean to sound like a happy hour snob when I say this. Heck, I’ll be back at Latitude. I know it’s a place I can get in to, get good service and be able to come with a few good friends without having to worry about there being enough space.

Still, I wish I had checked this place out two years ago like I had planned. Perhaps I would have run into the ever-so-talked about happy hour that once was. Too bad I’ll never know.

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