Summer NYC 2013, Activity #27: Gallow Green

Gallow Green NYCGallow Green
Neighborhood: West Chelsea
Venue: Rooftop Bar
Atmosphere: Trendy
Crowd/Scene: Afterwork, Late Night
Foursquare Check-in
Rating: 4 Stars

Don’t ever say lending a helping hand won’t get you anything in life! For me, it got me free drinks and a trip to Gallow Green! I helped a friend and a small business out with a very tiny IT issue, and the next thing I know, I was being graciously rewarded with drinks at a place that I had been meaning to go to all summer long!

Gallow Green is awesome! You would have to be crazy not to think that a literal greenhouse a top the Chelsea, Manhattan skyline would not be as wonderful as it sounds! Plush with vegetation of all varieties, you can’t help but be sucked into the cool, spunky, jungle-like ambiance of this place.

The drinks match the unique decor and vegetation. They have a special concoction for all of the major liquor verticals. And if you are a big fan of rum like me, try the Matamoros, it is one of their better drinks in my opinion!

With a specialty cocktail in your hand, the presence of greenery all about you, and a decent view of some of Manhattan’s finer skyscrapers, it’s hard to do better than Gallow Green if you want to share drinks with a friend, date or group. It’s a little off the beaten path with its location in West Chelsea at Sleep No More’s the McKittrick Hotel, but much like life, it’s worth the trouble.

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