Summer in NYC 2014, Activity #1: Skyroom Rooftop

Skyroom Lounge
Skyroom Lounge
Neighborhood: Times Square
Venue: Bar & Lounge
Atmosphere: Trendy, Classy
Crowd/Scene: Rooftop, Nightlife
Rating: 2 Stars

The New York City rooftop scene was in full effect this Memorial Day Weekend. I decided to cross off one of my never-dones and go to Skyroom Lounge to get me my first taste of the 2014 rooftop revelry. Unfortunately, it was nowhere to be found at Skyroom.

Luckily, I got there early enough in the day to avoid the line that ended up being practically half-an-avenue long by the time I was leaving. I tried telling people that it wasn’t worth it on my way out, buy almost everyone seemed like they didn’t give a rat’s behind about my opinion. Needless to say, the 45-minute wait some of them spent outside probably seemed that much worse when they rode the one elevator going to the rooftop only to find an overcrowded venue, no dancing, no turning up, and very little in the way of dependable bar service.

Let’s start my quick analysis with the scene. This was Memorial Day Weekend Sunday, 3:30pm, and it was a special event, primarily targeted at New York City’s black crowd. The attendees were trendy and classy, and if you were looking for your next baby momma or baby daddy, this may have been the place to seek them out. Then again, if you didn’t get a brunch reservation in advance (and who doesn’t plan on eating between the hours of 3pm and 6pm) then you probably weren’t going to meet anybody that was looking to eat, because they would’ve left. If you tried to order food at the bar, you were turned away. If you tried to get a table, you were turned away. I understand it was a popping spot that day, and I have no problem with them being at capacity, but if you’re not going to serve me food, at least make sure I can get a drink every half-hour.

Unfortunately, that was not the case either. The entire downstairs and all of the brunchers on that same floor of the rooftop venue, were being served by 2 bar tenders. Try as they might, they just weren’t equipped for that kind of turnout, and whenever that happens, it’s always the patrons that suffer.

Okay, but if you’re not going to let me buy food, or let me get drinks, then at least let me dance. Good luck with that! The music was turned down, so you could barely hear it, and even outside, where the weather was wonderful, it was too crowded to dance given the copious amounts of outdoor furniture and people in the way. Call me a curmudgeon if you want, but the only thing worth doing at Skyroom this past Sunday was talking to your friend–and I don’t need them for that.

All that said, it is a beautiful looking place. I suppose if you were looking to rent-out the spot for a party, it could be a wonderful place to hold your event. Other than that, I’d try one of the other gazillion rooftops in New York City, as this one just doesn’t pass the sniff test.

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