Things to Do in NYC in the Summer, 2016: The List

It’s that time of year again! And by time of year, I mean the first time I’m posting in almost 2 years.


Where has the time gone?

While I could get into my exploits over the past 700 or so days, you came here for a list. And by “you,” I mean my wife and the 2 or 3 of my friends who will actually read this post.

But I digress, the point of this is to talk about my quasi-annual quest to do nothing but new things during the summer. Of course, I missed out in 2015. That’s not to say I didn’t try new things, but I certainly didn’t record them. And let’s be honest, in this newfangled, social-media driven world, if you don’t Snapchat it, it didn’t happen. Which is weird, since Snaps ultimately disappear, but ergo my issues with Snapchat.

Anyway, during the Summer of 2016, I hope to actually crack 100 new things in the ~100 days between Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend, otherwise known as Summer in the City!

In fact, I will definitely get 100…I’m promising it! I have to make up for missing out on all of 2015, so why not start by promising something I’ve never delivered on before?

How I plan to get to 100, I haven’t really thought about it. But I do have some themes for the summer that should make trying out new things a bit more fun and less arduous.

First, I have to get all of my BBQ desires out of the way. So you can be sure to find reports on things like Fette Sau, Hometown, Brisketown, Fletcher’s and Arrogant Swine. I’m a native Austinite, which makes me a Texan, and the fact that I don’t immediately show up at these BBQ joints the second they open is a tragedy, and quite frankly, an injustice to the New York City people, to whom I owe my highly revered BBQ opinion.

Second, I work in Chelsea, and yet I rarely eat there. My favorite lasagna in America is found at Lasagna Ristorante in Chelsea, but outside of that, I rarely do much eating in the neighborhood, because I can eat at the job’s cafe. Well, that changes this summer. There’s all the more reason to get out of the building during the warm months, so that I will. You can expect to find me trying out places that I’ve still yet to visit, like Juban, Del Posto, Brooklyn Bagel, Chelsea Papaya, Rocket Pig and Salinas. I’ll be looking for lunch buddies, so hit me up if interested!

Third, brunch is a coming! I’m already promising that I’m going to deliver on my goal of 100 new places in 100 days. Thus, I’m hesitant to say the following, but my goal is to have brunch every single weekend of the summer–save for any weekend I’m not here.  Now that’s bold, because I know, there will be the lazy Sunday where I remain lazy. But I’m willing to put myself out here, if I can give myself 3 allowances. I know that’s a bit of a cop out, but that’s still going to put me at around 12 brunches during the summer–all at new places mind you. So that ain’t easy, unless you’re some sort of socialite–which I’m not. I have a job. So on the list of places to have brunch at for the first time are, Gallow Green, Juliette, Tarven29, Northern Territory, Penthouse 808, Top of the Standard and many others! Note, all of those have rooftops, because…summer.

And fourth, but not last (but last for the purposes of this post), I really do need to hit up the outdoor rooftop bars. Because…summer. So expect a brotha to give you details on not just the best places to brunch outside, but the best places to drink outside. (I know for some of you, including myself, brunch and drinking are synonymous, but play with me here for a second.)  So some places I need to try include The Loopy Doopy, La Piscine, The Beach at the Dream, and Cantina Rooftop.

I know that was very food and drink heavy, so I’m likely to put on 100 pounds in the next 100 days. But there are quite a bit of activity, outdoor-driven entries in this year’s list as well, so I think we’ll have a good mix. But take the over on a 15-pound increase if you’re placing bets.

Anyway, the full list is below and in our sophisticated tracking system:

267 Fifth Ave Towers
ABC Cocina
ABC Kitchen
Alma (Food)
Arrogant Swine
Aselina Restaurant
Ayza Wine Bar
Battery Park Picnic
Batting at Chelsea Piers
Berry Park
Big jazz at Smalls (Smalls Jazz)
BK Hip Hop Fest
Black Tree
Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken
Blue Ribbon Sushi – Sullivan St
Boogie on Boardwalk
Bookmarks Rooftop Lounge
Brasil Summerfest
Bronx Museum of the Arts
Bronx Zoo
Brooklyn Bagel
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Brooklyn Boulders
Brooklyn Bridge Park
Brooklyn Star
Brunch at Hotel Chantelle
Bubby’s Brunch
Cafe Ronda
Calle Ocho
Cantina Rooftop
Central Park Film Fest
Charles’ Country Pan Fried Chicken
Chelsea Brewing Company Restaurant
Chelsea Papaya
City Crab & Seafood Company
Classical Roving Theatre
Clemente’s Maryland Crabhouse
Corner Social
Crush Friday (Afterwork)
Cut a Rug by the Hudson
Dance Manhattan
db Bistro Moderne
Del Posto
Diablo Royale
Drinking Games
Elevated Acre
Empellon Cocina
EN Japanese Brasserie
Essex Brunch
Eventi Plaza at The Eventi Hotel – Thursday evenings
Express yourself at the Ear Inn
Extra Virgin
Fette Sau (BBQ Joint)
Film Center Cafe (brunch) (unlimited)
First Fridays at Bronx Museum
Fort Reno (BBQ Joint)
Fort Tryon Park
Gallow Green
Gansevoort Summer Series
Georgia’s Eastside BBQ (BBQ Joint)
Glass Bar at Hotel Indigo
Gnocco Cucina & Tradizione (Italian) (Outdoors)
Go fishing for grub at a new outdoor food festival
Gowanus Grove
Great Jones Spa
Great Walks
Havemeyer Park
Heart Break Restaurant
Hester Nights
History Museum Stargazing Tour
Hometown BBQ
Horseback Riding at Kensington Stables
Hot Bird – Beer Garden
House Party Thursdays at Webster Hall
Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria
Introduce yourself to New York on Nametag Day
Ippudo Westside
Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop
John Brown Smokehouse
Juliette (brunch)
Karaoke Cave
King & Grove Williamsburg
La Carbonara
La Piscine
La Superiro (brunch)
La Zarza Resto-Lounge
Le Midi Bar & Restaurant
Lie on the grass and listen to the NY Phil
Lincoln Center Festival
Little Brother BBQ (BBQ Joint)
Locanda Verde
Mable’s Smokehouse (BBQ Joint)
McBurny YMCA – Indoor Basketball
McCarren Park Pool
Mesa Coyoacan
Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque
Mile End Delicatessen
Milk Bar
Minetta Tarvern
MoMA – Random International’s Rain Room
Monarch Rooftop
Monkey Town
Muay Thai
Museum Mile
Musical Chairs in Bryant Park
Night of Joy
Nitehawk Cinema
No. 7 (brunch)
Nomad Hotel
Northern Territory
Old Homestead (Burger)
Ottos Tacos
Pakistani Tea House
Paradou – Brunch Party
Pascalou (brunch)
Paulie Gee’s
Peaches HotHouse (Burger)
Pelham Bay Park Outing
Penthouse 808 at Ravel Hotel Rooftop
Petey’s Burger (Burger)
Picnic in East Village Secret Garden
Pico Pico
Pier 26
Pier 96 – Kaying, Boathouse
Pine Bar & Grill
PJ Clarkes on the Hudson
Pod 39 Hotel
Poetry Reading at Nuyorican (by me)
Putt-putt Golf
Ravel Rooftop (brunch)
Restaurant Week
Ride the Cyclone
River Cafe
River to River Festival
Rocket Pig
Russian Turkish Bath
Salon de Ning
Salvation Taco
San Marzano
Saxon + Parole (Burger)
Seafire Grill
Shakespeare in the Park
Southern Hospitality
Steak ‘n Shake (Burger)
Summer Stage Show
Summer Streets
Sunburnt Calf (brunch)
Swimming at NYC Pool (Astoria Pool)
Target First Saturdays at BK Museum
The Beach at Dream Hotel
The Bourgeois Pig
The Butterfly
The Cardinal (Burger)
The Delancey Rooftop Bar
The Dutch
The Living Room Bar
The Loopy Doopy
The Lounge at SD26
The Met – Roof Garden in Summer
The Oak Room – Brunch
Tom & Jerry’s
Top of the Standars
Top of the Strand
Uncle Bones (BBQ Joint)
Union Bar & Kitchen
Upstairs at the Kimberly Hotel
US Open
Vesta (Italian Food)
Warm Up – MoMA PS1
Water Day
Water Taxi Beach
WEPA Wed. at El Museo del Barrio
West 3rd Common
West Indian American Day Carnival
Yoga (Bronx, Central Park, Battery)
Z Rooftop
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