I Don’t See the GOP Lasting…

The G.O.P. Party will not last—at least not in its current composition.

Of course, this is not news. This is not even noteworthy. All I am really saying is that history is repeating itself.

The Republican Party has been devastated by every major cultural advancement in our nation’s history. From slavery and suffrage, to environmentalism and civil rights, the G.O.P. rarely manages to hold its stuff together when the times around them are changing.

Of course, that is not to say that Democrats haven’t changed over the years, but they certainly haven’t been as direly affected by the cultural shifts as Republicans have. Being tied to liberalism gives the Democrats some advantage in changing with the times and moving on to a much more inclusive future.

However, Republicans are tied to conservatism. By the very definition of the term, they are hesitant to change, they are hesitant to be more inclusive, and they are hesitant to take on the risk of trying to do more for this young, growing and somewhat naïve country. You saw it in the healthcare debate. Republicans wanted to slow things down. And you’re seeing it again now; they want to slow down talks on financial reform and immigration.

That’s not going to go on for too much longer. Say what you will about the G.O.P. standing the test of time, but the clock is about to run out.

Everybody is convinced that the Republicans are about to have this sweeping victory in November’s mid-term elections, but the truth is, as angry as the American populace is with the present government; the Democrats are still going to have majority rule in both houses.

So what does that say about the Republican Party, when their only hope at regaining control in the legislature is for the Democrats to inherit the mess they created? And yet all they can do is chip away at the Democratic majority?

That tells me that even though there will always be a strong opposition to the party in power, the Democrats will remain in charge for quite a while, and at least until a new party, or a newly formed Republican Party is created. Democrats won’t get a pass because they aren’t any better at governing than the Republicans are. In fact, they are worse. However, Democrats are more willing to accept changes to the status quo—even if those changes don’t always makes sense—making them more becoming of the times.

Besides, do you really think that 25 years from now there is going to be room for a party that doesn’t accept gay marriage? Do you think there is going to be room for a party that basically wants to close down our borders in a country set to be a nation made up of more non-whites than whites? And how on Earth will the Republican Party last if they honestly run on the premise of revoking healthcare reform in favor of—in favor of nothing!?

But I’m no fool, and neither are Republicans, which is why when change seems inevitable, they will quietly, slickly and misleadingly cross over to the good side. Unfortunately, crossing over won’t be as easy as it used to be. Not in in this world of 24/7 cable news. You cross over now, and you can kiss reelection good bye. John McCain might learn that really soon.

For all of my fellow fans of “The Office,” the G.O.P. is essentially Dunder Mifflin. They are a paper company in a paperless world, trying to convince everyone that email and workflow software will never replace good, old-fashioned paper. And while the Democrats aren’t exactly the burgeoning, clever-thinking equivalent of Staples, they at least make an effort to sell the American public on something more than paper.

Of course, in juxtaposition to a less than personal email, there is something to be said for a nice, well-written, stationary-based letter from one person to another. The only problem with that is by the time I actually get around to reading such a letter, I’ve probably already read a million other text messages and emails, rendering the message of that letter about as useful as the paper it was written on.

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5 Responses to I Don’t See the GOP Lasting…

  1. Zo, neither party is righteous and both are self serving. Democrats are no better and that is a reflection of our political process more than of individual parties. It is convenient to create a good vs evil dichotomy, but all that does is foster our political culture of propaganda and marketing rather than working constructively to improve our country. Republicans are evil! Democrats are communists! Now we all feel better, but all we have done is promote caricaturing, stereotyping and prejudice rather than engaging the other side which is probably great for winning an election but terrible for the soul of our country. I do hope we get some new parties because I strongly dislike all my current options.

    • I think BOTH you guys are way off and it shows the lack of understanding of the GOP, Democrats and even black Americans in general.

      FYI, you may be right about the configuration of the GOP, which will never regain power until it becomes more CONSERVATIVE, and there are plenty of conservcatives in the Democrat party who will switch once they realize that the liberals are all about socialistic programs, welfare and freeloading off conservatives.

      You see, WHITE liberals will stay that way until they become wealthy or outnumbered by the moocher class, at which point they will bolt to the GOP just like they did in 1972, 1980, 1994 and 2000 (although that was a close one. Brag all you want, but were it not for the fact that the GOP ran such a bad ticket in 208, Barack Obama would still be a good looking, articulate, community organizing SENATOR trying to get reelected.

      ” The Republican Party has been devastated by every major cultural advancement in our nation’s history. From slavery to suffrage”

      Spoken like a true koolaid drinker who is not aware that it was REPUBLICANS or CONSERVATIVES who: freed the slaves, sent the troops to little Rock, sent the Attorney General to Birmingham, stood against the Southern DEMOCRATS to pass the Civil Rights Act and RICHARD NIXON who initiated Affirmative Action. It was DEMOCRATS who turned the fire hoses on blacks in Alabama, rode with the klan in the murders of James Chaney, Andrew Gooman and Michael Schwerner in Mississippi.

      I know history is irrelevant to people who are unaware of it, but these are facts you never hear from the proud leftists.

      “Of course, that is not to say that Democrats haven’t changed over the years, but they certainly haven’t been as direly affected by the cultural shifts as Republicans have. Being tied to liberalism gives the Democrats some advantage in changing with the times and moving on to a much more inclusive future.”

      How true that is, but I think it is a matter of conservatives standing on solid PRINCIPLES that remain standard over time and liberals falling for whatever feels good at the moment. You can survive as a people that way, but not as a nation. Sooner or later the time will come when you may have to put the good of the nation above that of your own life, and liberals are less likely to serve that cause than conservatives. Being a liberal also means that you fare worse when your party is out of power. Conservatives get richer no matter whose in the White House, because they don’t base their lives upon what a politician does but on what they themselves do.

      Chris; Your hope that a new party would be any different than the others is nothing more than pie in the sky, another way for some socialist to win based on “hope and change”. The only way our country will change politically for the betteri s for the ELECTORATE to make better choices when choosing for whom they will vote.

      Blacks will ALWAYS vote for whomever promises to GIVE them the most, which is a big reason CHANGE is so important. Liberals will vote for whomever promises to abuse those more successful than themselves.

      Conservatives will always vote based on what is good for the nation overall (Defense, taxes, smaller government, self reliance, CREATING PERSONAL WEALTH, moral principles, etc) while liberals will focus on special interests (gay rights, civil rights, environment, GETTING A JOB, etc.

      The original poster asks if, 25 years from now there will be a party that refuses gays. Well, do you think, 5 years from now, that blacks who believe in God on Sunday and then on Tuesday will STILL be voting for people who approve of homosexuality, killing babies and defending drug users, teenaged parents and gangbangers?

      Will black people, 25 years from now STILL be satisfied to subsist on the scraps from the white man’s table? Will we STILL be so short on our self respect that we will STILL be voting for people who only pay attention to us at election time.

      Twnety five years from now, when there will be three Hispanics in congress than blacks, will we STILL be satisfied with our THIRD PLACE status as we are today?

      If hte answer to ANY of these is a YES or even a MAYBE, then we should worry less about the status of the GOP and more about the status of Black Americans.

      Changing with the times is a lot like selling yourself on a street corner. You allow yourself to be used by whomever has the money.

      I think I’ll stick with the group that stands upon principles that created us rather than those that we created. At least I know what is around the corner, if if it surprises me, I can rely upon myself rather than wait for the next election.

      You know, just like I am doing today?

  2. It is obvious that this site uses censorship and only publishes those comments that mirror the standard liberal line, so I think I’ll drop it from my universe.

    I have posted many responses to the drivel I have read here and not once has anything been published.

    I think I can do better where there is more open discussion and freedom to disagree.
    Best regards
    Stephen Frazier

  3. Thank you for the clarification??? So, where was the spam? You posted my message in it’s entirety. Help me with the SPAM id so that I don’t do it again.