Summer in NYC: 100 Days, 100 Things, 100 Posts

When I first moved to New York, Columbia University tried to sell my fellow classmates and me on the fact that part of New York City’s draw are its four seasons. Now, I was 18 at the time, kind of smart, athletic and definitely not concerned about experiencing all four seasons. Still, Columbia’s weather selling point became a running joke among undergraduates in my class (CC’ 2006) as we embarked upon the coldest winter of the previous quarter-century during our freshman year. That ensuing May, my flight home to Texas was delayed because of snow over LaGuardia.

Ever since that winter, I have come to know that New York City’s main draw is summer. Fall is a close second, especially since it lasts far longer than three months, and I love 60-degree weather more than I love any other possible temperature. To that end, I actually like winter more than Spring, as New York City gets quite lively during the holiday season. And Spring finishes dead last, because you can never tell if it’s going to rain one day, or be 88 degrees and sunny the next. And those long stretches where it drizzles for 3 or 4 consecutive days can drive insane people to do—well, insane things.

But Summer is clearly the best time to be in New York City. With weather no longer prohibiting people in any way, New York City becomes the busiest place, person-for-person, in all of America.

That’s right, I said person-for-person!

Forget about our advantage in numbers, New Yorker’s of all walks of life are busy having a good time during the summer. From baseball games and galas, to rooftop swimming parties and outdoor theater, it’s hard to beat the list of things you can do in New York City during the summer months.

I got to New York City in 2002, and because there is so much to do, I don’t think that in my 10+ years here that I have even begun to complete all of the things I can do in this city during the summer. So in 2011, knowing that you only have but so much time to enjoy New York while you’re young, I decided to make every summer count. So each summer, I’m challenging myself to use summer’s 100 days between Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend to do 100 things and write 100 blog posts about all of the new activities I will do each summer.

I call it: “100 Days, 100 Things, 100 Posts”.

Creative, right?

Basically, every year, leading up to Memorial Day Weekend, I will come up with a list of 100 things I have not done before, and I will try to do all of them in 100 days and write 100 posts before Labor Day.

It will be a fun challenge, and will help me get to know things about New York City that I still don’t know. The best part is, there are always dozens of new things to do each summer, so I will never run out of new things to put on my list! So I plan on going to a lot of new venues, meeting a lot of new people, and making a lot of new memories. Hopefully, you will join me for the ride, and we can make this a very communal experience for all New Yorkers.

So here are the lists below, and each of those lists links to a summer full of activities completed and planned. Read up, comment and join me next summer!

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